Friday Faves: What I'm Loving Right Now - June 2021

Friday, July 02, 2021

Friday Faves: What I'm Loving Right Now - June 2021 |

Happy July!! 

and Happy Friday.

Friday Faves are back! I rounded up my faves for the month of June and it's a mix of both Lifestyle and Beauty, all of which were definitely worth talking about and sharing - might I add. I've linked everything that I'm loving below so it's easy for you to shop if your interested. Let's get right into it!

Here's what I'm loving right now:


Increasing my water intake has been one of my man goals this year. This 64 oz bottle keeps me right on track to reach my daily water intake - easily. I'm obsessed with all things marble and the design is just so pretty it makes me want to drink more water daily, and it works. I shared this on my Instagram Stories several times and you guys love it too. I usually refill my Simple Modern Water Bottle 1.5x/day. Too, the stainless steel keeps my water cool making it much more refreshing as the Summer heat begins to increase. Worth every penny!

Shop Now: Simple Modern Water Bottle 


This floral and feminine fragrance has been my go-to ever since I got it from the Sephora VIB Sale back in May. I caved and bought it after reading many many many positive reviews. The bold yet luxe scent makes a statement with each spray. I get tons of compliments when I wear it. More importantly, my hubby approves! YSL "Libre" Perfume by far, has the best staying power! Literally, it lasts ALL day long. Don't get me started on the beautiful and elegant black and gold packaging - my favourite combo. It's definitely one of the prettiest perfumes I own. Overall, it's a staple!

Shop Now: YSL "Libre" Perfume 


This lip gloss gets a lot of attention. Every time I wear it whether in person or on social, I'm asked "What gloss is that?" Well here it is. Mac Lipglass in the shade "Spite". It's literally my Summer 'go-to'. It's light, glossy (of course), slightly thick with just the right amount of pigment for longevity. It's a keeper. Which reminds me, I need to re-stock ASAP! 

Curious to see what this lipglass looks like? Watch my "Hair Care Organization - Organize With Me" and "March Relaxer Update" videos for a sneak peak.

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Shop Now: Mac Lipglass in the shade "Spite"


Legit lifesaver! Got this recently from Amazon and I've been addicted to labeling everything in sight. I started creating labels for my hair care product baskets in my recent YouTube Video "Hair Product Organization - Organize With Me". It was a hit! 

What I love most is that it's lightweight, portable, super cute yet effective. The Phomemo Mini Label Maker easily connects to my phone via Bluetooth. I just pull up the app, create my label and press print!  Effortless. 

Next upcoming project, labeling my spice rack :)

Shop Now: Phomemo Mini Label Maker


Been using this for the past 6 months. It's been such a gem!! Let's just say I look forward to wash days even more now. My hair has never felt this soft and smooth. The Limia's Care 15 Stage Shower Filter, filters my water preventing any chlorine or minerals from depositing on my hair and skin causing potential dryness. It's affordable and effective - plus it comes with a 2nd filter (gotta get the Hubs to install the refill filter in the next couple weeks). As a bonus, my skin-tone has been looking much more even! 

Shop Now: The Limia's Care 15 Stage Shower Filter


"V" for Val of course :) I discovered this necklace while doing my weekly browse on Amazon. I loveeee this chain. I wear it basically, everyday. I'm obsessed with gold jewelry and this has been such a pretty addition to my outfits and everyday looks.  The Initial Letter Pendant Necklace has a great weight to it and the pendant itself is  q u a  l i t y ! The colour hasn't changed either. Most importantly, it doesn't irritate my skin, so it's a win! What I love most is that it can be dressed up or down. Again, I'm obsessed with it.

Shop Now: The Initial Letter Pendant Necklace


Sis, taking this particular Biotin has been the BEST 'Biotin experience' I've EVER had! I've been taking this since March 2021 and I'm impressed. Zero breakouts. Nails growing and feeling stronger. New growth growing, feeling soft and poppin'!  

Bare nails. Natural French Manicure Vibes!

Not sure if it's the fusion of Biotin mixed with Coconut oil that makes this vitamin so effective, but this Sports Research Biotin absorbs perfectly and is here to stay.  Lovesss it.

Shop Now: Sports Research Biotin

And that sums up what I've been loving for the past month! What are your faves right now?


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