Small Hair Habits Add Up, Overtime - 10 Healthy Hair Habits You Should Incorporate Into Your Hair Routine!

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Small Hair Habits Add Up, Overtime - 10 Healthy Hair Habits You Should Incorporate Into Your Hair Routine! |

I say this all the time, small healthy hair habits, overtime, will eventually add up resulting in healthier longer hair! But, let's go deeper. 

So, what is a HABIT?

A habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated sometimes REGULARLY and tends to occur subconsciously.

At this point in my hair care journey, my healthy hair habits have become a lifestyle. I pretty much operate on autopilot when it comes to the maintenance and care for my hair. And that's the goal. But it wasn't always like this.

In the beginning of my hair journey, I had to be intentional, consistent and make a conscious effort to implement these healthy hair habits. Keep in mind, these habits don't necessarily exempt you from experiencing setbacks (because they do happen), but it will allow you to bounce back faster as your routine will offset the severity of the setback - you get me?! 

So what healthy hair habits should be a part of your hair routine? 

Basically, methods and techniques that promote healthier hair resulting in you attaining your hair goals. Repeating these healthy hair care habits will build the foundation to help formulate a solid and successful regimen. 

Small Hair Habits Add Up, Overtime - 10 Healthy Hair Habits You Should Incorporate Into Your Hair Routine! |

10 Healthy Hair Habits You Should Be Doing In Your Hair Regimen:

1) Wear Your Satin Scarf/Bonnet To Bed Nightly - Cotton sheets and pillow cases dry out your hair! Protect your hair and ends with a satin scarf and/or bonnet (or pillowcase) nightly to retain adequate moisture levels in your hair preventing dryness.

2) Moisturize and Seal Daily (or every other day) - Dry hair breaks! Maintaining healthy hydration levels in your hair is important in promoting healthier longer hair. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and require moisture, frequently. More moisture results in less breakage which equals length retention. P.S. - The frequency of when you moisturize and seal will depend on your hair type and density - so pay attention.

3) Prepoo Weekly - Making a habit of applying a pre-shampoo treatment, using either an oil or conditioner (or both), before you shampoo can promote healthier hair strands. Shampooing is a very rigorous process on the hair and scalp. Prepoo's not only prevent the natural hair oils from being stripped  from the hair but it also prevents hygral fatigue (the swelling and contracting of the hair cuticle during the uptake and loss of water) which can cause cuticle damage overtime. My advice would be to use a penetrating oil of your choice for this step. It will nourish the hair and prevent the hair shaft from swelling reducing the cortex from being exposed.

4) Shampoo Weekly - Happy scalp, happy hair! A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth. Using a sulfate-free shampoo weekly helps to remove dirt, oil and build up off of the scalp which can inhibit hair growth. A clean healthy scalp is vital for optimal hair growth. 

5) Deep Condition Weekly (with heat) - This is HUGE. Deep conditioning does wonders for your hair and ends. This process nourishes, restores, hydrates, strengthens and conditions the hair prepping it for manipulation, daily wear and tear while helping to prevent breakage and shedding. Making an effort to deep condition weekly, is an essential habit to include in your hair routine. This will determine the success of your hair journey and health of your hair.

6) Minimize Direct Heat - Let me say this first, heat is not the enemy! But, improper use of heat can be counterproductive to your healthy hair care goals. Frequent use of heat can cause heat damage, dry the hair out, increase breakage and eventually increase thinning. Laying off direct heat i.e. flat irons, blow dryer, curling iron and only reserving it for relaxer day or special occasions is a good rule of thumb. Direct heat can be a lot of manipulation on the hair and we all know that too much manipulation can cause unnecessary breakage. Use heat wisely.

7) Use a Widetooth Comb - In my mind, it's almost a crime to comb my hair with a fine tooth comb! lol. It's not happening unless my hair is flat ironed - if that! I make it a habit to finger detangle (as much as possible) and then use my wide tooth comb during the week and on wash days. Widetooth combs are much more gentle and "forgiving" on your strands causing less strain while preventing unnecessary breakage.

8) Minimize Manipulation - This will take some time to adjust to but less hands in your hair - the better! Constantly touching, combing, detangling, lifting, moving, styling your hair is a recipe for unnecessary strain, breakage and thinning. Keep your styles simple, finger detangle as much as possible and your hair will thank you for it!

9) Care for Your Ends - Your ends are the oldest part of your hair! It's fragile and experiences more wear and tear requiring more care, patience & attention than the roots of your hair. Regular protection and maintenance of your ends plays a huge role in the overall health and length of your hair. Make a habit of choosing styles that will not add stress and/or strain to the hair or just leave your hair alone as much as possible! Caring for your ends also includes trimming on a regular basis to prevent splits and thinning. Thin ends is not the look, sis! I make an effort to trim with every relaxer and that habit works well for me.

10) Don't Relax Sooner than 10 Weeks Post Relaxer - I swear by this time frame! It's not too soon or too far out. Having enough new growth, prior to your relaxer touch-up, and being consistent with a specific timeframe (that works for your hair) will produce consistent relaxer results. Consistent relaxer results is what you need. Making a habit of spacing out your relaxers, while protecting your previously relaxed ends, is the recipe for fuller, stronger, healthier hair. 

BONUS) Pay Attention to Your Hair - Your hair will speak to you. Listen to your hair and pay attention to the way it behaves. This is a habit you will need to routinely implement into your hair routine for a successful hair journey. Feel it, look at it. Does it look dry? brittle? does it feel rough? Your hair speaks and if you listen, it will put you at an advantage to attain your hair goals. In the end, you will know the unique do's and dont's according to your hair. This is essential!

Again, daily/weekly hair habits repeated overtime...compound!

Though you may not see a difference immediately, it will add up and the results will show. 

Continue to be intentional. Be consistent. Stay committed.


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