Hair Update: Current Hair Care Routine, Products I'm Loving, Why I Switched to Affirm Relaxer + MORE

Friday, August 25, 2023

Hair Update: Current Hair Care Routine, Products I'm Loving, Why I Switched to Affirm Relaxer + MORE |

Hey sis!

OMGosh it's been a minute.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the last bit of what's left of Summer '23. For me, it went by wayyyy too fast. I took a nice break from creating content to instead, creating memories and having fun with the Hubby and kids all Summer long. It's been such a blessed time :)

Anyway, had to come with a hair update for the girls because I’ve been getting a ton of questions, so here we are!!! As of right now, I'm still using the Affirm Conditioning Relaxer in Normal Strength and I love ittt. I use this system once every 12-14 weeks - so roughly 4 touch-ups per year. 

Hair Update: Current Hair Care Routine, Products I'm Loving, Why I Switched to Affirm Relaxer + MORE |
Freshly Washed, Deep Conditioned and Revair'd

My regimen hasn't changed much. I'm still in the business of repeating what works and keeping things simple. I still wash and deep condition (with heat) weekly. Typically, I'll add in my 3PO's (Avocado, Coconut, Olive Oil) or JBCO into my deep conditioners for added benefits. Lately, I've been doing my protein treatments monthly (might increase to biweekly again), I moisturize and seal every other day along with scalp massages, and I protective style as often as I can i.e. buns, HBWs, wigs etc.  Oh and since it's warm outside, I've thrown in co-washing sessions to keep my hair hydrated and clean. It's been super easy and predictable!

As for products I'm loving, let me back track a bit. Since the beginning of 2023, its been my intention to replace my staple protein conditioner, Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor, with something just as good without the presence of Formaldehyde in the ingredients. It took quite some time to experiment and see what truly works, but I've narrowed it down and introduced a couple new protein based conditioners into my regimen. 


For starters, I've been loving the Joico K-Pak Reconstructing Conditioner. I used this in my Relaxer Day Vlog as a protein treatment in preparation for my relaxer back in Mar/Apr 2023. It has Hydrolyzed Keratin towards the top of the ingredient list, which is a plus. It strengthens and smooths my cuticles at the same time. I ALSO love the "sister conditioner" to that, it's called Joico K-PAK Hydrator Intense Treatment. I know, it sounds like it should be a 'moisture based conditioner' but 'round here, we read ingredients first, and the ingredients dictate that this is a protein based conditioner. Why? Well, it's laden with Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein (it ranks 7th in the ingredient list) and it's higher up on the ingredient list than Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor - so that's a win. I mix it with my Coconut oil as a prepoo prior to shampooing for 25-30 mins (with or without heat) or after a clarify/shampoo session. The only CON I would say is that the bottle is kind of small in size and it's a little harder to find in stores...but it's so worth it! My hair feels very strong after each use and breakage has drastically minimized.


As for moisturizers, I'm still using the As I Am So Much Moisture and Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier as part of my moisturize and seal (Jojoba oil) routine. These products have never stirred me wrong! I haven't found a complete replacement for Scurl but these moisturizers are getting me through each relaxer stretch. I have a little secret though. There is a S-Curl No Drip product "dupe" that I found and currently testing out. So far I’m loving the way it makes my hair feel. It’s giving Scurl vibes all dayyy. I’m pleased with the ingredients and it keeps my new growth and relaxed hair moist and happy. I can’t wait to share it with you guys. I will continue to test it out to see if it officially gets my stamp of approval. I think I’m heading in that direction. Once I make my final decision, I will definitely share, so look out for that shortly :)  I also adore the Camille Rose Naturals Cocoa Nibs and Honey Growth Oil for my night time scalp massages. I find that my new growth comes in full force when I use this as part of my scalp massage routine every other night (or whenever I remember lol). It has a sweet fragrance, awesome ingredients, very light in consistency and  it doesn't irritate my scalp - ever!

RevAir on Relaxed Hair

As for tools, I'm now a RevAir girl! Yup, you read that right. RevAir has made its entrance into my hair routine and it’s been such a treat on wash day. I will admit it’s kind of a bulky (lol) tool to lug around and maneuver but it’s such a game changer. It lengthens my hair and new growth pretty well without the risk of heat damage. I love using tension level #7 on the low heat setting (#2/3) to achieve a smooth, straighter appearance, if I don’t feel like air drying. This tool has definitely helped me stretch my relaxers even further. I'm also thinking that the Revair may eliminate the need to flat iron on relaxer day - what do you think? I typically like to pick one heat source and run with it. I'll try it out and see :)

Click here to grab your RevAir NOW!

Affirm Conditioning Relaxer - Normal Strength

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I recently made the switch from ORS Olive Oil Relaxer (Lye) to Affirm Conditioning Relaxer (Lye). If you're one of my YT subscribers, then you would have seen my last relaxer day video explaining why I re-visited Affirm - who knew I was using the system wrong?!? *rolls eyes* lol. So, in addition to me using it incorrectly, there are a couple other reason's as to why I decided to make the switch over to Affirm: 

Number #1, my Avlon distributer informed me that I was using the system incorrectly. I was using the mid-step conditioner (Affirm Positive Link) twice within my relaxer session causing an over-processed appearance 3-4 weeks into my relaxer stretch. This mid-step conditioner is packed with ceramides which strengthen and fortify the hair. Overuse of strengthening ingredients, on relaxer day, can cause slight reversion. Since taking her advice, and doing the relaxer process in the correct order, my results are way more favourable with a straighter appearance for a longer period of time!

Number #2, the quality of ingredients. This relaxer system is LOADED with conditioning (Argan oil, Pequi oil, Cupuacu butter, etc.) and strengthening (Keratin) agents from start to finish. This system makes my hair feel soft, fortified, conditioned and smooth as if I had a moisture-based wash day. I kid you not! I've said this before, and I'll say it again...relaxer day with Affirm feels like a regular wash day. There’s no harsh relaxer scent (which I appreciate) and the texture of the relaxer gives off a very whipped creamy consistency. I think this is why the relaxer is so conditioning. Not only that, but I reached out to Dr. Syed, the chemist at Avlon, and he advised that all of their products (including relaxers) do not contain any phthalates or endocrine disruptors, so that's a huge plus!  

Number #3, colour indicator neutralizing shampoo! No brainer right? I know. It's been a total game changer and time saver in my relaxer day routine. I no longer do the "5, 5, 10 Rule" with this relaxer system, for obvious reasons, and as a result my hair remains much more hydrated and softer. Did I mention it's pH balanced? Girl. It gives me silky-smooth-closed cuticles every time!

Don't get me wrong, ORS Olive Oil was, and still is, a good relaxer system. I just wanted to use a comprehensive relaxer system, with quality ingredients, where each product compliments each other and prioritizes the health of my hair - from start to finish. So far, I've been pretty happy with the change! 


In case you're wondering, after I neutralize, I still use a sulfate-free shampoo and deep condition. For shampoo, I use Keracare Hydrating and Detangling Shampoo and for deep conditioning, I'll use either Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm or Silicon Mix Bambu with heat for 25-30mins (under steamer or hooded dryer). These conditioners prep and prime my hair perfectly before I flat iron.

Recently, I grabbed a new water bottle (I have an obsession now) and it's been my bestie ever since! I purchased this trendy 40oz tumbler off of Amazon. It’s an insulated stainless steel cup with handle and straw. I drink about 2 of these per day and I'm good to go! What I love most, is that it keeps my water cool all day - it’s way more refreshing! 


Other than that, everything has been good. I’ve been pretty consistent with my water intake, daily vitamins (multi, probiotic, B-complex, vitamin c, omegas), diet etc.  I always share the protein green smoothies I make on my IG stories - love them! I’ve been so bad with hairstyles lately though lol. I don't do much to my hair - I leave it alone. I just prefer simple clean looks ie. middle part & down, low bun, high bun, braid-out occasionally etc. Less is more, for me at least.

So that's the latest! Sorry for the long novel :)


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  1. would you recommend the Humecto Creme conditioner after relaxer?