How to Apply a Deep Conditioner to Your Hair

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here is a quick tutorial on how to apply your deep conditioners to your hair for maximum penetration. I like ALL of my hair to be covered in conditoner. It needs to be on my roots all the way down to my ends. My hair may not soak it all up, but at least I know every inch is covered.

I used:

4tsp of Elasta QP DPR-11 Remoisturizer
3tsp of AtOne Botanical Reconstructor
3tsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
2tsp of Pure Honey

After, I appy the conditioner, I cover my head with a plastic cap or bag and sit under my hooded dryer for 30mins, then rinse. When you are in the shower, un-do the twists and detangling will be a breeze!!

Hope this Helps!!


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  1. This is a great tutorial!!! I need to start deep conditioning my hair in sections. I get so lazy and just throw it on. Great recipe too:) Thanks

  2. great vid. Plus you look gorgeous, love the lipgloss!

  3. Great tutorial Sunshyne! I deep condition something like this but its much messier. I'm going to try this way...


  4. It doesn't look like you use that much conditioner! I think I use like 4-6 oz per application and I only have SL hair! But I apply DC in a similar way except I do not twist my hair... I section it in the same way though.

  5. Interesting recipe and technique. Is there a reason for twisting the hair?

  6. Hey! I never thought to section my hair vertically, I usually do mine by splitting them up in four sections. but I usually end up having to comb through my hair to make sure I cover my whole head. Great tip!! And Mariah's the sh#t!! luv her!!

  7. Thanks for posting.I use this method for other things but I never thought about using it for dc. I am always experimenting with the easiest and most effective ways to apply my dcs. This is a great idea. I will try this. It was quick and easy. I hate sectioning it into four sections and then splitting each one to apply it directly to my roots.

  8. BTW, kudos to cutting your hair. Straggly ends look horrible on any length of hair. I trim whenever I feel the need. I don't go by bandwagons as far as trimming is concerned.Your hair moves alot better with a trim, right? Mine just swangs and bounces with a good trim. So far, so good. Also glad to see you decided your stretching point. I had the same feeling awhile back. I'm low manipulation, but really no need to stretch past 8-12 weeks b/c I know relaxer rules and I don't plan to transition anytime soon.

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  10. This is a great tutorial along with the moisturizing and sealing tutorial. I will definitely start using these methods. You and your site have been a great source of information.

  11. Thanks Ladies for the comments. This method had helped me a lot.

    @ Anonymous - It twist the hair so that it's out of the way and the conditioner can go all the way down to the ends.

  12. Thanks for the video,I going to
    apply my DC in sections. This has
    been very helpful.

  13. i did this today and my new growth was sooo soft! thought it is a bi more time consuming the results were worth it. i will be doing this from now on! thanks.


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