Hair Update

Monday, January 19, 2009

  • I'm 9 weeks post and I will be relaxing in the next couple of days (shortest stretch ever!!)
  • I'm still on my Personal MBL Challenge and so far so good. I've completed these things:
Year 2 Goals:
- Hit FULL BSL by Spring 2009 (March-April)
- Reach MBL (Oct. '09)
- Simplify my regimen & products even more
- Keep breakage to a minimum
- Baby my ends and Moisturize & Seal in Sections
- Increase thickness of ends
- Dust ends frequently
- Use low pH products (shampoos & DC's)
- Increase moisture level

  • I found amazing Deep conditioners that make my hair feel lovely i.e. Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol & Moisturizing Treatment. Thank God for my pjism :-)
  • I'm using Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil again as my sealant along with Hot Six Oil. Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is much thicker for this harsh winter weather. I l♥ves it.
  • S-Curl No Drip Activator is back in my regimen.
  • Currently using Mane N Tail as part of my protein treatment. i.e. 1 Egg & Mane N Tail w/ EVOO.
  • Narrowed down my staple products.
  • I use the Wet Look wide tooth comb from Sally's instead of the Jilbere comb. The teeth are slightly wider and detangles like a dream.
  • Done with towel drying, I only t-shirt dry my hair now.


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  1. Beautiful! Your hair is so thick and lovely.

  2. Your hair looks great!! You're going to be at your goal in no time!!


  3. hey girl i haven't talked to you in a min,hope all is well...
    your hair is looking fab,
    i can't wait til spring either girl.

  4. Your hair looks so thick and healthy. I am going to have to try this t-shirt drying out.

  5. Your hair looks great! Silk elements is definitely the best DC so far I have used!

  6. Hair looks gorgeous! :)

  7. Ok, i feel silly asking this...but, what is T-shirt drying? I mean, I'm assuming you use a T-shirt, what kind? I've just never heard of this way of drying your hair.

    Thanks so much and I do enjoy all of the tips and tricks.

    Great job

  8. Since S-Curl No Drip Activator is designed for Jherri curls, is it ok to use it when you are going to flat iron your hair? And, do you use it strictly at the roots?

    Again, thanks

  9. Hey Sunshyne nice to hear from you and see you cross things off your list. That's good stuff. Quick question, is avocado good for your hair if mushed up and applied or not?

  10. Thank you thank you ladies! I appreciate the love.

    @ Anonymous - I use an old cotton t-shirt and wrap it around my wet hair. It's gentle on my cuticles and it soaks up the excess moisture well. Sometimes I leave the t-shirt wrapped around my head for 10mins or so.

    @ Anonymous - SCurl can be used on relaxed hair. It's a moisturizer so it wont harm it. I would not use it before or after flat ironing because it may make the hair weighed down. If you use a little bit, then you should be fine. You're better off using a serum on damp hair, then flat iron so silky smooth results.

  11. Your ends look thicker & it's great how you maintained them. Have you ever tried the Organix line...Very Good, Smells Yummy & Sulfate Free.

  12. If you aren't able to go out and purchase all new products(wave nouveau lotion)right away,can you use the glycerin water mix as a moisturizer and seal with EVOO?