Salon Review: The Cut Above

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Cut Above


Pickering Town Centre Mall
1355 Kingston Rd,
Pickering, Ontario

Alright, so I went to a new salon today and everything turned out pretty good. My stylist was a gentleman by the name of George. He used ORS Olive Oil Lye Relaxer on my hair and I must say that my hair feels very good right about now. I'm pleased!

He Rel
axed, Neutralized, Deep Conditioned (AG Intensive Conditioning Treatment), Dried, Blow Dried and Flat ironed my hair. He used a really light serum by RUSK all over. My hair has a nice sheen to it and it's very light and bouncy :-) I must say that he was kinda rough with my hair at times (i.e. detangling and towel drying) but as soon as I warned him, he stopped..which is good!

What I loved most, is that the Salon is in a MALL! So free parking and the food court is just downstairs. I was very happy about that!!!! I think I'll go back :-)


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  1. Sounds like it was such a wonderful experience :) I'm glad you were pleased with the outcome.

  2. Wow, How could I miss this? Do by any chance they do natural hair there?

    I guess it might be a place I could check out (neighborhood) possible get a treatment or two n have my hair flat ironed.

  3. I'm glad you found a salon worth blogging about. Glad it was a great visit instead of a nightmare post. Btw, your hair did look fabulous!

  4. I'm so glad that you had such a great experience. I need to find a place like this where I ilve!

  5. @ Dania - You and me both girl..LOL. I was very pleased with the outcome.

    @ Koffee - You know what I'm not sure. I would assume so. I've listed the number above so if you feel the need to call, by all means.

    @ LaQT - Thanks girlie. I think this will be my last salon review for a while.

    @ Tara - Thank you Tara. I'm glad too. Do some research and see. Ask questions, make some calls etc. I had to keep my eyes wide open to find a place like this.

  6. Thanks for this! I'm not far from Pickering...I'll check it out. I'm glad you found a place that knows how to deal with Black hair!

  7. Thanks for the review!!! I've been looking for a place for a while, and i'm always in pickering so i think i'll check it out!

  8. i have been gettiny my hair cut from The Cut Above for over 5 years now and i am a very loyal client.
    i switched between hairstylists, which includes George. He cuts the best bangs. The other stylist who is good is Aziza. You might want to try her next. I am sure you'll love her.

  9. I went there today, and the place was disgusting, filthy and George was the worst. His station was covered in his previous clients hair. Used towels stacked up at the sink, he's so lazy he can't put them in the bin when he's done.
    He's loud and annoying! If it wasn't for my stylist that works there, I'd never go and I'm trying to convince her to leave and go to a better salon. This place is ging going down hill and fast!!

  10. Thanks ladies for your comments and input. I only go to George for trims, nothing else. I do my own relaxers with the help of my sister. I'm sorry to anonymous for having such a bad experience there.

  11. As for an amazing,hairstyle and many years of experience Tina is the one person that I go to The Cut Above .Tina has been doing my hair for nearly 11year and almost all of my family and friends love her services.Tina is always up to date with new and retro looks, the most amazing personality and treats everyone with respect.she is not only the best hairstyle she is also a good listener,she makes you look and feel beautiful about yourself.I don't believe there is anything that she can't do.........