L'Oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara Program!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm part of the L'Oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara Program. The wonderful people over at Matchstick, a word of mouth marketing company, were kind enough to send me some samples. So ladies, expect some reviews in the next little while.

Here are some photos just to show you what I got!


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  1. That's it! That's the mascara I was looking for to try out, but I couldn't remember who it was made by. I'll be looking for reviews on this product b/c I want to buy it. but if it's crap, I'll be sad that I spent $9 on it.

  2. cool.
    I seen that mascara is shoppers today.
    let me know how it goes!

  3. I bought this mascara and I used it once and I must say I was dissapointed. I will try it again though & let you know.

  4. I'm with Una....I was dissapointed....It did lengthen and thicken, but it also clumped my lashes together. My favorite mascara to date is Anna Sui Long, which I think has been discontinued. :-(

  5. hey I was apart of that program to I got the exact same stuff, you can check out my review on my blog

  6. ok.....how do you become a part of the Loreal program?

  7. i bought that mascara today. a bit clumpy, but i still like it.


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