How I Air Dry My Hair

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Check out my quick video on How I Air Dry My Hair straight. I get this question all the time and I figured a video would help. My technique is very simple to follow. I've been air drying my hair like this for quite some time now (over a yr) and it has allowed me to stay away from direct heat.

Hope this helps,


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  1. Great method!
    I actually do about the same, with one big difference. My hair is supercurly, especially when it's wet. So when I air dry it, it stays curly. Maybe you have some tips for me to stop it from 'poofing'? I don't chemically straighten my hair, by the way (never have).

    Thanks for the video!

  2. Sunshyne,
    Could you tell me the why you use 2leave ins intead of 1
    what is the benefit of Elasta qp over neutrogena?


  3. Great tutorial.Plan to try this today. I will post how it goes.

  4. hahaha! Sunshyne! i was one of those people sending you angry e-mail about my hair and how it won't air dry. (sowwy) Since then I've got the Elasta QP and the Neutrogena. I've since then started putting my hair in two (sorta tight) pig tails and putting big rollers at the end. this has been working very well for me! A few questions when you have time:
    1) you said you bun, not to avoid friction with your clothes but because when you air dry it's not straight enough to deecently wear out. I think this looks decent enough to wear out...don't you? Or is this not what you're talking about?
    2) is neutrogena good as a daily moisturizer?
    3)Does the sodium hydroxide in NTM silk touch bother you? If not, why?
    4)Do u believe my pigtail method is harmful?


  5. @ManyQs- I actually preferred NTM Silk TOuch as a moisturizer than a leave-in. You should try it.

  6. Air drying hair is surely the best way to go!

  7. Thanks. I watched and took notes like I was in class. Very informative. I'm going to try this tonight.

  8. Sucks but that Creme of Nature Shampoo is no longer being made! Now all the creme of nature shampoos have sulfates, Im so upset about this :(. Great vid, I did it last night and it worked like a charm.

  9. Hi Sunshyne. What material is the scarf that you used in this video made out of?

  10. Great tutorial! You are my hair inspiration! Thanks so much! I'll this method as well... I was wondering how your hair stayed straight. Beautiful hair! And your skin looks awesome too. Maybe you can do a little tutorial on that :)

  11. great video this is very helpful

    * *

  12. Sunshyne, I tried this last night for my cowash. This morning, my hair was so silky and straight. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate you taking your time out to help the hair-challenged :) APL or bust!

  13. I agree w/ airdrying. I've been into airdrying for the greater part of 3 years and will never look back. I use heat about once every 3 or 4 months and only when I've gotten a fresh touch up.

  14. Hi
    Please help, Sunshyne or anyone, I cannot see the video on my PC. What does she do?? A brief explanation would be helpful.
    Thanks a million in advance.

  15. I gave this a try and I think it really depends on how straight your relaxer is. the top part of my hair dried really fast (the part with the straighter relaxer) but my ends were definitely not drying silky straight This technique got my hair straighter than it had been with airdrying in the past but not ready to hit the streets good to go :) As I cut out the old relaxer this will be a good technique.

  16. Hello Sunshyne !
    Thanks for the video. I am studying in London, and as a poor college student, I have (thankfully) been unable to invest in a blowdryer after the 1st one melted. Yikes! So I have been air drying, pretty successfully except the back isnt quite as tame as the front. I am currently using an AtOne leave-in, but I will try your methods and see what happens !
    Thanks SO much. Your hair is GORGEOUS and a true inspiration !

  17. This is such a great tutorial!!! And you are just as cute as a button! Thanks for this. :-)


  18. Great video. I used to airdry my hair in two pigtails and it worked great for me. This was years ago and I used WIld Growth Hair Oil and Profectiv Breakfree. I was able to retain the most growth when I airdried my hair back then. I am going back to this regimen because I've had some setbacks and hair loss due to heat and chemical damage. I will try your method on my next shampoo and DC. I already have the Neutrogena leave in. Off to look at the rest of your regimen because your hair is fabulous.

  19. Hi. Thank you for your wonderful tips. Can you please tell me what to do in order to have my roots straight when I air dry? I have used you air dry method and my hair was straight but the roots were not feeling smooth at all. Can you tell me what to do?. Thank you so much. Maria

  20. Nice.
    Airdrying has always been a struggle for me. Sometime it works well, sometimes it doesn't. I like your method, it seems fool-proof.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. @ Kizzy - Thanks Kizzy. Since you want to keep your curls defined and poof-free, I suggest you lightly moisturize your hair while it's still damp and apply a small dab of hair serum or oil to lock the moisture into the hair (thus preventing frizz/"poofyness"). Check out my article on De-frizzing Frizzy hair.

    @ Anonymous - I use 2 leave-ins simply because I like the botanical extracts that are in the EQP Htwo but I also like the rich moisture I get from the NTM silk touch. Together, they make a great combination for my hair. Maybe one day I'll narrow it down to 1 =]

    @ LaQT - Great. Let me know how it goes.

    @ ManyQ's -

    1) Yeah I can wear it out. Sometimes I do, majority of the time I immediately bun.
    2) NTM silk touch is a great moisturizer for some. Try it out and see if your hair responds well to it.
    3) The sodium hydroxide doesn't bother me as far as I'm concerned.
    4) I don't see how your pigtail method could potentially cause damage. If the ponytails are too tight, then it could cause some nape damage. Also, make sure the ponytail holders have no metal clasps, these things can cause breakage.

    @ Solo - Thanks hun!
    @ Joy - Yes it is Joy =]
    @ Candy - Try it out. I hope you like it.
    @ Nikki - I know. Creme of Nature (red and green label) is still around in Toronto so I'm able to still buy it. Thanks for watching.

    @ Anonymous - The material of the scarf is a little bit of cotton and spandex.
    @ Anonymous - Thanks!! This video was for you =]

    @ Peaches - I'm glad it helped.

    @ Anonymous - Nice *smiles* =]

    @ Deja Vu - Same here!
    @ Lli - You need to download flash. It's not that easy to describe in words. It's better for you if you see it in action.

    @ TNF - By no means am I saying this is a method that will make your hair straight comparable to flat ironing. This is great for those who bun their hair daily, for example.

    @ Whitney - Aww your welcome Whitney and thank you so much for the compliment.

    @ Yakini - *Big Smile* THANK YOU!!!! =]

    @ T - Air drying is a key part to why my hair is the way it is today. I love it.

    @ MJL - My roots aren't straight or smooth when I air dry. Just the front is straight giving the appearance that the rest is straight. In order to get the roots straight, you would need heat.

    @ N Vizion - Aww thanks hun. Do you normally roller set then?

  22. I was onw of those people who said I HATE airdrying. My hair was always to brittle and hard but I used leave-ins....just not the right ones i guess! I tried your method last night and it worked! Nice straight air dryed hair!

  23. Washing hair every day is very impotent because hair is also important part of our body. Hair gives us more beauty or grace to us. GHD straighteners is very easy buyer product you can use it on your hair.

  24. You have such gorgeous hair, and you're very pretty! Thanks so much for sharing, you nailed exactly why I fear air-drying sometimes. I'm getting a touch-up in a few days, but I can't wait to try this method!

  25. I've always hated airdrying, but i never used the right products, or techniques. I tried this today after cowashing, and I must say, theres a big improvement, and I'm sure after training my hair to airdry I will start to see some real benefits. I have fine curly strands, so i'm really trying to cut down on the manipulation! Thanks for your step by step tutorials!

  26. I would like to know what the best leave to use cause after i wash my hair it look really dry and i want my hair to look straight

  27. do you ever use rollers

  28. Sooo I've always had to use heat, but I tried your airdrying method last nite and it definately worked! My hair is straight and I put it in a bun after it was almost completely dry and went to work :) It feels so good not to be dependent on heat everytime my hair gets wet. Very encouraging! Thanks

  29. i am definitely going to try this today! : )

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  32. I've been looking all over for the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch leave in & cant find it any where. I've tried Beauty World, Shoppers & walmart....nothing. Pleeeze tell me where I can find this product. I live in North York. I luv yur tutorials!!!

  33. i found my neutrogena triple moisture silk touch leave in at cvs and walgreens :) i live in northern va