I'm BACK....

Sunday, May 31, 2009

From my wonderful vacation. I feel sooooooo good, calm, relaxed and sad to say, very COLD. Tdot is freezing!

Please bare with me, I received a ton of emails, msgs from both Hairlicious and Hairlista while I was away so it will take a while for me to respond.


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  1. welcome back, hope u had a good time.JULINE

  2. welcome back! I'm jealous!!!! SharBar

  3. Welcome back :-)

  4. welcome back hope you enjoyed your time off.

  5. Welcome back
    I washed my hair today and seal with coconut oil for the first time. I make my cocnut oil myself but never used it for my hair. Now I surely will

    Thanks for the info!!



  6. I really love your blog!
    It's great that you had some vacation time! What did you do with your hair? I'm trying to figure out what to do with mine when I go on vacation.

  7. Thanks for the welcome back guys!

    I didn`t do much to my hair to be honest. I wore it in buns most of the time and co-washed everyday or every other day since the sun dried out my hair! Next time around I would wear a hat more frequently or rock some cute cornrows.


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