3 weeks in the Castor Oil Challenge and...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm 5 weeks post relaxer today (started the challenge at 3 wks post). I must say that I have been slacking off simply because my schedule is getting more and more hectic lately. So instead of me doing the Advance Level in the challenge, (applying JBCO to my scalp 3 times a week) I was doing it maybe once or so a week (SMH, I know it's bad).

Well that's all going to change right about now. It's a wrap!! I'm taking this up a notch and really getting into it. I loved my results last time so I'm re-instating my commitment to apply the JBCO to my scalp, 3x/week. I have about 5 more weeks until I relax (maybe 6 if I stretch a little) so I have a lot of work to put in since time is going to fly.


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  1. I feel u Sunshyne...I was salcking too...once a week 4 me...but like you..my results were fantabulous....these are my final exam weeks...so Im with u....back 2 getting on the right track...Good Luck!!!

  2. Ok so I am super late as it appears anyone care to share what the challenge consists of? Thanks in advance

  3. because of my busy schedule the only time i have time to apply the castor oil is on sun & thurs morn and then i throw it in a bun which takes me about 15m.

  4. My sis told me about the challenge. I've only been doing it once a week also, trying to do better. Good Luck!

  5. @ Anonymous - Yes, I'm def. getting back on track. I can't afford to fall behind this far in my journey. Thanks for the response.

    @ Antwanetta - The challenge details are on Hairlista.com, you can't miss it.

    @ Anonymous - You apply it twice a week? that's great.

    @ Melissa R. - That's good that your sis told you about it. Try adding in one more application a week and you'll see a huge difference. I'm doing the advance level, so that's 3x/week.

  6. I have been doing this challenge.. slacked a bit.. but by doing it 1 -2x's a week, I've seen a MAJOR difference in my hair! My hair is thicker than it's ever been, and is actually growing! I don't plan to relax it until the fall. I want it to be curly this summer... looking good already!

  7. i tried to get into using JBCO, but it's just too thick for my hair...i'd rather only use it either with my deep condition or if i have a fresh perm cause that stuff is entirely too thick for my new growth!

  8. I am SUPER late and not sure if the CO challenge is still a-go! My sister and I have started the CO regimen this week...I'm natural and she's transitioning. I hope she sticks with it...but right now, she's totally HOOKED!

    Happy Growing ladies...
    Kajun Kurls