Mini Product Haul at Trade Secrets

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recently I went to Trade Secrets and purchased some "salon quality" products. I love the Abba Color Protect line (no I'm not color treated but it's specifically designed for chemically treated hair) and I've been eyeing the Joico k-pak deep penetrating reconstructor for some time now since I've heard nothing but great reviews about it.

I have used both products and I must say I enjoy them both. I'm still in my testing phase so I can't really give a full review at the moment. Expect one soon!

In case your wondering, "why did Sunshyne pick up these products?" Well to answer your question, #1 I wanted to rotate my shampoo's on a weekly basis so that my hair doesn't get immune to my CON red label. #2 I got the Joico DPR so that I can incorporate more protein into my regimen. Protein is slowly becoming my friend :-)


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  1. Interesting picks. I don't know much about the Abba line, but great choice in the Joico KPAK.It is a great product, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Joico. I am currently still experimenting so I let my Joico go but it will always be a staple, definitely going back to it just cleaning out my cupboard.

  2. Thanks LaQT. Yeah I love it so far and the smell is heavenly =]. The abba line is really good. It's vegan and has very good ingredients.

  3. Hi sunshyne, one question, Is the h20 leave in detangling and is it really good cause my sis just bought that instead of my fave aphogee and then i remembered you used it so, hollaback when you can ;)

  4. Hi Sunshyne, did you get the Abba conditioner or just the shampoo? I'm thinking about buying it, but I don't know if I can use it as a deep conditioner (moisture). Thanks!

  5. @ Anita - I still use the Elasta QP Htwo leave in. It's great and ph balanced. It's different from Aphogee green tea leave-in in a sense that it doesn't have as much protein in it.

    @ Lily - I have the Abba shampoo and conditioner. I use the color protect conditioner as a DC since it says to leave on for 10-20mins with heat.

  6. Your hair is beautiful! I am interested in switching to a sulfate free shampoo, how do like the abba line and how does the shampoo smell? I am a little smell sensitive...Thanks in advance

  7. @ Anonymous - I'm currently testing out this shampoo and so far so good. It smells like cherries =]

  8. thank you Sunshyne for responding, I'm going to give the abba shampoo a try...Again keep up the great work, your hair is the bomb!


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