Have Your Say: Do You Prepoo?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Prepoo'ing has made it's way back into my regimen!! I will post an update on how that's going for me. In the meantime, if you Prepoo, what do you use? How long do you keep it on for? Do you use heat?


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  1. I just use unrefined coconut oil. I put it all over my hair the night before I plan to wash, and let it sit overnight. Then my hair is soft and moisturized after my cleansing routine:)

  2. I pre-poo'ed for the first time yesterday. I used V05 Strawberries & creme, I let it sit for about 30-45 minutes before washing and my hair was so much easier to comb thru afterwards.

  3. whatever i use for a co-wash and olive oil for 30 mins

  4. I prepoo with a mix of ;amla and bramhi powder mix with castor oil,evoo,coconut oil .I leave this mxture overnight

  5. I use Tresemme Remoisturize conditioner and Amla Gold oil. Sometimes I add warmed honey to the prepoo. I apply Amla oil and then apply the conditioner to the extra dry parts(nape, crown and edges). I use a warm towel turbie and a shower cap for an hour or more.

  6. I Pre poo with two dominican oils. Easy look aciete de coco y berro (coconut & watercress)& Alopecil canela y romero (cinnamon & rosemary) mostly on my scalp. The Alopecil is supposed to help stop shedding & stimulate hair growth. I haven't used it long enough to see. The Easy look oil helps to combat hair dryness & helps with detangling.

    What do you think is better... Pre pooing with oils or conditioners?

  7. I prepoo with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration or Aussie Moist Conditioner and then I mix it with some EVOO and I let it sit for about an hour, rinse it out and then do my DC.

    My hair feels great after I shampoo (not as dry) and much softer once I've DC'ed

  8. Yes, I just started prepooing again last week. I put Jojoba oil on my scalp and let it sit under plastic cap while I work out or do my chores. I then put in my conditioner in sections and deep condition for an hour or more. I noticed a huge difference in detangling and how smooth and silky my hair is after I rinse out my conditioner. I don't know why I ever stopped prepooing.

  9. I used to pre-poo but now I actually find pre-pooing to be pointless. Every night before I go to bed, I moisturize, spray with oil, seal ends with thick cream (or vaseline) on top of oil & then baggy. I seal it with a cream that contains petroleum or mineral oil since vegetable/essential oils dont hold the moisture in my hair & after taking up chicoros moisture & seal regimen. Petroleum seems to be saving my ends. For me theres no reason to set a pre-wash routine since I moisturize my hair so much. And when I wash my hair, I can often see some of the moisturizer/oils flowing into the sink which lets me know my hair is pretty well coated.

    I just think that the hair can only absorb so much and absorb what it needs, therefore I think pre-pooing can be a waste of product. I.E for those who pre-poo with conditioner/cowashing). Why don't they just DC on dry hair then shampoo? But bleh - to each their own. Everyone has a method that works for them.


  10. I CANNOT have a wash day without prepooing. Ever since I started prepooing in the first month of my journey, I never looked back... and that was 9 months ago. I don't really do it so that the shampoo strips my hair, I do it for the extra conditioning and because it softens my newgrowth which makes my hair soooooooooooooooo much easier to wash and detangle.

  11. I pre-poo with Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship, EVOO and recently some honey. I love the way my hair feels after I have washed it out. I will never stop pre-pooing.

  12. I pre poo with EVCO, castor oil and HE Hello Hydration

  13. Yes, I prepoo and I love it! I use different products and have different methods...If I am going to shampoo I prepoo with a castor oil/olive oil mixture overnight and shampoo the next day. Yesterday I prepooed with honey for about an hour and a half (unintentionally)...I cowashed and my hair was so soft and so was my new growth. That will be my new cowash prepoo for sure. I sometimes prepoo overnight with coconut oil on my hair and a plastic cap...depends on how I am feeling..My hair loves it :-)

  14. I love to pre-poo, I mix with 2tbsp of EVOO, Coconut oil, Amla Gold oil, I leave it overnight. I just adore the way my hair feels after the wash.

  15. I am using several oils in my pre-poo treatment: coconut, avocado, amla, EVOO, peppermint, rosemary, vitamin E, grapeseed,castor oil (I have not gotten the Jamaican Blk Castor Oil; just one from drugstore) and tea tree. It may seem a little overboard but my hair is beginning to me to change texture. I have a press and curl and went to the hair dresser today and my hair was not tightly curled but relatively straight before the hot comb! I use the pre-poo ( the above concoction mixed with a conditioner; I use about 4 T of the conditioner) before I wash it. I keep in on for about 2 hours and then wash it out. For the oils I use about 2T each and for the peppermint oil and tea tree I use just a few drops. Personally, my hubby and I can see a change in one month of this practice!Hair is growing and becoming much more shiner! I do believe it is the alma oil that gives shine and the castor oil that is beginning to make it thicker. Yes, I love pre-poo. Little time consuming but I do believe well worth it.

  16. Does anyone clarify after the pre-poo treatment or just shampoo as normal?

  17. Hi ladies. I'm a newbie in this hair thing and need some help...I only started a regimen in january and i'm in london, so products are harder to come by. I did my first pre-poo with amla oil, i'm a bit unsure at the results, my hair feels soft but a bit hard at the edges and ends, not sure why. Also I clarified after the pre-poo altho I used a moisturising shampoo after, is a clarifying shampoo necessary, i did it cuz amla oil apparently has the dreaded mineral oil so i thot that would help get rid of it, but i'm wondering if that undoes the job of the amla oil. Any help would be appreciated, should i wash as normal, no clarifying needed after a pre-poo and should i fear the amla oil cuz of the mineral oil content.

    Thanks ladies, love from london town. xx

  18. I use to prepoo with black strap molasses, evoo, honey, egg, and conditioner. I loved the results,but I stopped doing it because it made my washing days so long, I would be up all night. So instead, I use everything I use to prepoo with in my 2x DC, I don't all those ingredients in my conditioners, I just use what my hair needs at the time. But I always use the Black strap molasses in my DC!

  19. I prepoo with olive, castor,
    and coconut oil. I also use
    Komaza Care Pre-Shampoo Treatment because it helps alot with
    dandruff, prevents hair loss,
    and minimize excessive hair shed.
    I also sit under the heating cap for about 30 to 45 minutes.
    This regime has helped my TWA

  20. I prepoo a couple of different ways overnight with a mixture of EVCO, EVOO, Grapeseed, Jojoba and Shea oils and my hair loves it. I stay away from products contain mineral or petrolatum as they do not penetrate the hair.

    I also prepoo with the same oil mix and conditioner the day of my wash and sit under the dryer for 30 minutes and proceed as normal my hair has done a 180!!

    Yesterday I tried a protein prepoo on my daughters hair and it turned out fantastic. I prepooed with Laila Ali Conditioner, EVCO, EVOO, Shea Oil, Grapeseed and 1 egg let it sit for 45 minutes and moved into the rest of the regimen I'm working on her hair and her hair felt AMAZING!

  21. I do not pre poo i just put the amla mix i have made on my scalp and keep it moving , I found that I do not have to pre poo with this oil if i dont want to but maybe i will try it some day.


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