How I Tie My Hair Up At Night

Friday, April 24, 2009

This video is long over due. I recorded it a while ago and forgot about it..LOL.

Check out my quick demonstration of how I tie my hair up at night. I don't like to wrap my hair (everyone is different). I've been successful with this method. Since I bun daily, this works out great. If I wear my hair down, I will wrap it (which is rare). I hope this addresses everyone's questions. When I moisturized and sealed, I used Wave Nouveau and Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil to seal.


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  1. I don't wrap my hair either unless I've just permed. Usually I twist my hair up kinda into a french twist and tuck the ends into the hair itself. Makes no sense I know but someone might know what I mean. Then I tie and sleep.

  2. Interesting - I will try this when I wear my twists or box braids - I always band them at my neck in a low ponytail at night, but in the morning I have that crease/dent from the band - so this looks like a better way. Thanks for sharing :o)

  3. i've been doin it that way for a while! but without the clip and i dont tie it in the front lol

  4. omg I freaking love you. I have been wrapping my hair & hating the results (my wraps dont come out as smooth as I would like). This seems like a wonderful new thing to try! Thank you sooo much for sharing mama!

  5. You are just great, i don't wrap anymore coz i was having edges pb
    I was keeping my hair in a bun witha scrunchy, but i will try to go your method ;-)

    Blessings, you are great

  6. Thanks for the responses ladies. I'm happy that this could be another alternative for you. I love it. Talk to you soon!

    ♥ Sunshyne

  7. Hi there! I just came across your blog randomly & watched your video - that's exactly what I do w/my hair @ night, except I don't use the bonnet (good idea, by the way - mind if I steal your idea? :-) You have a new reader - your tips are very informational & the videos really help! Looking forward to checking in daily. Thanks!

  8. @ Tracey - Sure you can use this method. Nothing wrong with that at all. Please keep in touch~

  9. Ugh! I HATE wrapping my hair. I've been trying it for years and it doesn't sit right on my head and usually ends up doing worse for my hair...I'm definately trying this out.

  10. Thank you!! This will really help me. I think that wrapping nightly would be too much manipulation and damage for my hair, so this seems to be a great method!


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