Let's Chat: Got Intense Shine?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dull lack luster hair is something that we all don't like and try to improve on throughout our Hair Journey's.

Dry dull looking hair is normally the result of poor diet, lack of moisture, porous hair, chemical treatments etc.

I know there are a lot of products on the market nowadays that don't live up to their promises, so ladies, let me ask you this....

What products and/or techniques give YOUR hair intense shine?

How do you do it?

How long does it last?


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  1. OLIVE OIL!! It gives my hair such a great shine! I got a relaxer about a week ago.. and it still looks nice but I needed some moisture.. so I didn't do an extreme M&S[sections etcetera] but I put very little NTM silk touch leave-in on my hair with coconut oil/olive oil mixture.. It worked out lovely.. It is shiny and still silky!

  2. Honey ! !
    This is my best friend for shine, i add it in my DC's and it always gives me a boost of shine, and helps retain the moisture too...what's a woman to ask? lol


  3. I'm going to say coconut oil. I use it to seal in my moisturizer at night. My hair blings!

  4. Olive oil and castor oil give my hair shine.

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  6. My castor/coconut oil mixture. It seems like mt hair loves this. If i flat iron my hair just LOVESSSS Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum!!! Shine for dayzz!

  7. EVOO!!
    Once I air dry, put my leave-in in, then seal with EVOO my shine lasts foreverrrrr

    ~ Anima

  8. I'm newly natual so finding something to keep this stuff moisturized has been a challenge. Now I mix olive, coconut, sweet almond, aloe butter and shea butter (think I left one out...lol). I use it to seal and it lasts until I wash/co-wash (usually 2x/week).

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for this great post :)

    Really nice!

    I personally use Gatsby and Loreal :)

  10. This is my hair regimen for getting straight hair extra shiney!! This will last for 3-4 days before my hair starts looking dirty.

    Prepoo'd over night with hair oils:
    -I applied a mixture of Hot 6 oils and essential oils(peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree) to my scalp and massaged for 3 mins.
    -Applied JBCO to rest of hair. Slept in satin cap

    Prepoo'd in the morning:
    -Applied Keracare anti-itch moisturizing conditioner to scalp. Massaged for 3 mins.
    -AppliedVO5 conditioner and more JBCO to the rest of my hair. Covered with a plastic cap for an hour.

    I used Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap (tea tree). Sudsed up once and rinsed.

    I then applied Aphogee 2 min. reconstructor for 10 mins and finished showering and then rinsed.
    I towel dried my hair very well for about 10 minutes while I set up my items for my steam treatment.
    I used 2 hot turban towels, 2 plastic caps(one cap had holes poked in it), saturated my hair with Eluence Moisture Balancing Conditioner and steamed/deep conditioned my hair for 30mins and then rinsed my hair in cool water.

    I towel dried my hair for only about 3 mins this time and the applied my leave-ins:
    -sprayed my hair with my Back to Basics sunflower detangler
    -put a nickel size of the Eluence throughout my hair
    -finished up with my Fantasia IC olive oil hair serum(heat protectant)

    Next i detangled my hair with my wide tooth comb.
    Finally, I let my hair air dry with a scarf wrapped around my hair until my hair was about 80% dry.
    I blew out my roots and then flat ironed my hair in small sections. My iron was set at 250 degrees.

  11. From my previous post, I think the key point in my regimen is steaming my hair because it ups the moisture in my hair a ton:)

  12. If my hair is straight, I will use a light moisturizer and use coconut oil to seal and for shine. A good serum will work as well. Chi Silk Infusion adds a lot of shine (don't be heavy-handed with it though) and so does IC Hair Polisher Serum or Mist.

  13. As a natural curly girl 4a/4b/3c, my hair does not naturally produce a lot of shine or sheen. However, since using honey in my pre-poos and DTs I have seen a difference in the sheen of my hair. Not only have I seen the difference but also people around me. Moreover, it is a humectant so my hair is sucking up more moisture too. Got to love that honey!

  14. A deep condition followed by a leave-in and sealing (HE: LTR and then some coconut oil) usually give my hair some nice shine.

  15. You've never reviewed Phyto Organics Theratin & Humectin, are we to assume they weren't as good as you'd hope for?

  16. When my hair gets dull & ashy looking, I chleate with joico clarifying/chleating poo or gvp aloe rid. Ever so often this is needed even for no-poo ppl esp. those living in hard water areas.

  17. cold water rinses after dc

  18. The products that have given ultimate shine are manufactured by Qhemet Biologics.

    Nothing has ever given me the same shine but castor oil is pretty good for me too.

    What products and/or techniques give YOUR hair intense shine? Qhemet Biologics Amla/Olive Heavy Cream mixed with Olive/Honey Hydrating Balm or Qhemet Biologics Amla Oil Nourishing Pomade

    How do you do it?
    I apply the heavy cream mixed with hydrating balm after a wash, condition, and on top of leave-in conditioner.


    I rub the Amla pomade into each braid/twist prior to separating each braid/twist.

    How long does it last?


  19. another vote for honey. works like a charm.

  20. honey honey honey and olive oil i want more shine so i will try the honey

  21. Thanks ladies for the lovely responses!! Seems like the winnners are:

    1. Honey
    2. Olive Oil
    3. Coconut Oil

    As for the Phyto Organics Theratin & Humectin, they are still in rotation and I'm waiting until I'm more weeks post relaxer to test them out to see if it works well with my new growth =]