Dry Braid Out In A Banana Clip Style

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here are a few photo's showing the results of a Braid Out done on Dry Hair using S-Curl No Drip Activator to moisturize and Hot Six Oil to seal. I braided my hair and in the morning I unraveled the braids and put it up into a Banana Clip.


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  1. Your hair is simply gorgeous!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. You have really thick hair. What type of magazines do you read to get new hairstyle ideas? It is been a while since I heard of someone using the banana clip. Your wonderful with this hair information.

  4. its classy n curly luv the look!

  5. Love,love,love!

  6. how many braids did u put in and where did u put the braids??

  7. Sunshyne, that is GORGEOUS! I need more details tho - how many weeks post were you and u didn't even dampen your hair? How was your hair before you did the style? Was it flat ironed, roller set, or air dried? Ok, done LOL. thanks =)

  8. Beautiful Sunshyne!!
    I was looking in my drawer of hair accessories the other day a found a banana clip in there. I've not used it in years. I may have to pull it out.


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