No Heat Challenge!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Tiara Smith, a fellow Hairlista Diva, is hosting a NO HEAT Challenge on She is inviting everyone to take part and motivate one another! Check out her YT video below:

This challenge will last for 6 months. You are to use absolutely NO HEAT!!! No flat iron, curling iron, hot comb, or blow dryer. If you are not aware, excessive use of heat is one of the most damaging things one can apply to the hair (especially to relaxed hair).

With that being said, we are going on a HEAT STRIKE! Put those hot tools down and let`s get healthier hair together.

I will definitely be joining this challenge :-)


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  1. count me in! I need to go read the rules.

  2. I am joining this for sure. I don't use heat too often (once every 4 months) but this challenge is still good motivation

  3. I will love to join but after shampoing my hair if I don't blow dryer what can I do to dry them without heat ? Its getting cold now

  4. Great, I started my hj 2 months ago and I have not used heat because of all reasons not to! I'm kind of glad now, I won't be miss anything.

  5. I am certainly down for this, I've been doing it already, glad to share this challenge with other sisters.

  6. Cool...I kind of already started in October but let's do it! :)

  7. so, i have not been using heat for a month now, and it's been going pretty well. i was getting a lotta breakage, so i stopped. so i am def in on the no-heat challenge! :) let's do this ladies! lol.

  8. Great!! See you in the challenge ladies. No heat is very simple for me as well. I only use heat on relaxer day which is once every 2.5 months. If you want to dry your hair without direct heat, go under your hooded dryer with your hair hanging down to dry it that way.

    ♥ Sunshyne

  9. This is a great challenge. I don't use any heat in my hair. The only time I could think of is when I relax my hair and my hairdresser roller sets my hair and puts me under the hair dryer. LOL!!!

    I relax my hair every two months. I have recently started stretching my relaxer so hopfully, every two months should move to every three months or longer.

  10. I have not had any heat on my hair since Nov 2008. I guess I win right. BTW I am transitioning my hair to go all natural.

  11. I've gone a month, I'm in!


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