Are You Experiencing Scalp Burns? Irritation? Itchiness? Dandruff?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Let's admit, scalp issues are the worst and it can be quite embarrassing sometimes. No one likes to see dandruff flakes on their clothes, relaxer burns on the scalp feel horrible and not to mention itching your scalp vigorously in public is not a pleasant sight...I'm just saying.

There is a natural ingredient that can help soothe the scalp, stimulate hair growth, it is safe, natural and affordable. Those who suffer from those symptoms listed above, listen up!

The answer you've been looking for is Aloe Vera Juice!

What does it do?

This natural remedy has superb healing properties both internally and externally. It's known to heal wounds, fade scars, cure digestion problems, promote growth, calm the scalp, heal sunburns etc. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe are wonderful for inflamed follicles. With that being said, this is an excellent topical treatment to aid in the healing process of relaxer burns/scabs on the scalp. It helps to soothe any burning or itching sensation. Aloe Vera, consistently applied on the scalp, can cure/prevent dandruff. In as little as 1-3 weeks, you should begin to notice your hair retaining more moisture, a cool/calm scalp, no itching, less shedding and a slight increase in thickness.

How can I use it?

You can use Aloe Vera Juice in a variety of ways i.e. prepoo (leave the Aloe Vera juice in your hair overnight mixed with oils such as olive, avocado or coconut for extra conditioning then put your hair in a shower cap. In the morning, rinse well, shampoo and/or condition) or add the juice to your deep conditioner (2-3 tbsp).

I recommend using it in the form of a spritz. Fill up a spray bottle with Aloe Vera juice to approx. 75% and the remaining 25%, fill that up with water. Massage the mixture directly yet gently into the scalp. Use this spritz at night directly on your scalp (section by section) and on your hair if you desire (just make the hair damp not wet). Then you can proceed to moisturize and seal. Remember to store this mixture in the refrigerator.The soothing fresh feeling of Aloe Vera juice on the scalp will feel fantastic! Say goodbye to your itchy, irritated or relaxer burned scalp. For dandruff, you can mix the Aloe Vera juice with an essential oil i.e. peppermint oil, tea tree oil etc. for faster relief. Reapply if necessary.

Where can I find it?

You can find Aloe Vera Juice at Walmart, GNC, or your local health food store.

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  1. This must be a sign because I literally was thinking about making an aloe spray just the other day. I saw someone on YouTube make it and she added some essential oils and used the gel instead of the juice i def. have to go out and get some.

  2. OMG!!! I have been looking for a remedy for itchy scalp and dandruff!!! Thank you soooo much! I will be getting this today!!! GOD bless you!

  3. I am going to try this.

    I drink aloe vera juice/drink all the time to help with my food allergies. Who knew it could help with itchy scalp too.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I've currently been using a mix of aloe vera gel and vitamin e on my hairline and I think it's been helping. I'm definitely interested in trying the spritz and taking it internally.

  5. OMG this is excellent information! I have a whole bottle of that sme brad of aloe vera gel, I have just been using it for my Shealoe. I think I will actually start drinking some and using it as prepoo! Thanks so much

  6. I've actually been looking for this at walmart for months.

    Where exactly can I find it? Cause I don't know and the store workers don't know either.

  7. This sounds like a great idea, will incorporate into my Pre-poo mixture and maybe my skin moisture/mark removal mixture as well.
    Thanks for the info as always.

  8. WHO KNEW *wink*... Thanks girl! Also BIG UP on ur Essence achievement!! Wish u lost more!!!

  9. hii sunshyne. I am about 6 months post and wanted to know if aloe vera juice would be good to moisturize my new growth?

  10. i've heard about aloe vera juice like this. but i don't exactly have dandruff. i have scalp eczema, so all anti-dandruff shampoos have no effect on me. would this work well for me?

  11. i get eczema on my legs really bad. When i spray and rub in aloe vera juice on it, the eczema goes away within 2 days. I bet it would have the same effects on your scalp!
    hope this helps!

  12. I love to use aloe vera juice as a leave in wonders!!!

  13. I spritz my scalp daily with a mix of 75% aloe vera juice and 25% rosewater. It is wonderful...I buy a large jug from Walgreen's for like $10 with the rosewater at the store in the international foods section for like $1.75.