Me + Vital Hair Mayo = No Longer Friends!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yup, that's right. Sad but true.

Ever since I made the change to use a light protein conditioner weekly (2009), Vital Hair Mayo and I became best friends but as of late, we are just not getting along! SMH

I used this light protein conditioner weekly as a prepoo back in 2009. It made my hair fuller, stronger and hydrated. It never failed to give me that extra boost I needed. At the time, this conditioner really helped to keep my moisture/protein balance in check.

However, since the end of '09 'till now, this conditioner did a complete 360 on me :(. Whenever I use it, my hair feels coated with film, it appears to be very limp and mushy whether I clarify, use it alone or prior to a moisturizing DC. I find myself praying for the next wash day to come quick so I can wash my hair out. SMH. I still don't understand this. Am I the only one? :( This situation just goes to show how somethings in your regimen will never be stable. Be prepared to change and adapt quickly. Don't get too attached.

I've come to the conclusion that Vital Hair Mayo doesn't fortify my hair like it used to, if anything it feels like a moisturizing deep conditioner on my hair. I can't afford to have another moisturizing deep conditioner in my regimen (right now I have 4 staples). I'm terrified to go into moisture overload since that was one of the main reasons why my 2008 set back took place.

I gave it to my cousins, they can now benefit from it. We were good friends. It gave me what I needed at the time but we no longer have an understanding, so my hair needs have to be met elsewhere. There is another product in the picture that fulfills my needs on a weekly basis. It contains keratin in it and we all know that Keratin is the elite of proteins. With that being said, I will introduce my new lover in a future blog post. Stay tuned :)

FYI - Joico KPAK is still in my regimen.

I'm curious...Have you ever used a product for a period of time and then all of a sudden it just stopped working for you? Please let me know :)


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  1. I hate when that happens! One day, my fave product and my hair are rocking. Next thing you know, they're no longer communicating.
    In the end I have no choice but to demote my once favorite conditioner down to pre-poo status.

  2. I use Vitale weekly and I was starting to feel like it was enough protein for me too. Then I started using ION and I think I will ION as my weekly protein when I finish up this challenge im with. I have alot of Vitale. I like it, just don't think it's enough protein either. GL

  3. Yup, I have had this happen plenty of times, super sucks when it happens mid wash and you have no other products in the house to correct that icky feeling. I like keeping extra products around of other brands just for this.
    I have had products that were like kissing cousins work on my hair for months and than in 1 wash leave my hair a tangled dry mess, NTM comes to mind lol.

    It's all in the hair care game lol.

  4. Oh my goodness I thought I was the only one this has happened to recently. I just, I mean JUST parted ways with my Motions Moisture Plus (tub version). It used to give me great slip, moisture and silkiness, but as of the last couple months, it hasn't been agreeing with my hair at all. My hair felt coated, no matter if I clarified or anything. When I switched to Tigi Bed Head Moisture Maniac, all was well again. I was so sad, but I had to give it the boot. Glad to hear i 'm not alone.

    BTW, the Vitale Hair Mayo was okay for my hair for a while, but then I found something better. I think our hair gets used to some products and begs for change. Cool with me. :)

  5. sorry to hear that. I use Afica's Best hair mayo formulated with EVOO like a lot of other lista's I've met and lol honestly I don't think it's everrrrr gonna fail me!! LOVE IT!!! Can't wait for the big announcement of your new lover :-)


  6. I am such a promiscuous product junkie...I have very few staples. Truth be told, if any of my loves flaked out on me (like my alter ego garlic conditioner), I don't think I could cope lol.

  7. Yup! countless of products! I have very stubborn hair and so it adapts to products really quickly. I am so glad I found ur blog girl! U hv no idea cos it seemed most of d hair blogs around were "natural hair inspired"

    There's nothing wrong with that but I tried d natural route and it just didn't work for me then, maybe sometime again in d future.
    I am in d process of growing out my tresses and I do relax from time to time cos my hair is just so darn stubborn.

    Funny u mention this cos I am going to give my hair the mayo treatment 2nite.
    Question: What was d best relaxer that worked for u?

  8. Absolutely! Motions CPR Treatment is 1 product I used to use and then it totally stopped working. It contains Mineral Oil, so maybe this has something to do with it. Since the beginning of my Healthy Hair Care Journey (May 2009) I've avoided Mineral Oil at ALL coasts, and have noticed a great difference in my hair. Consistent use of Mineral Oil on my Fine Type 4A hair is horrible.

  9. i love this stuff ever since you said you were using it. it has done wonders for my hair as a weekly protein. i am going to keep on usig it. the only thing i don't like is the seeds that is left in my hair after i rinse it out.

  10. It does happen and can be very frustrating especially if you just stockpiled the product. It happened to me a couple weeks back with a moisturizing conditioner. It's almost as though you hair gets used to the product and it no longer has the same effect. Maybe if you go back to it in a few months it may work again.

  11. Aww thank you ladies for the support! I felt like I was the only one :) I just hope and pray that my new found love won't fail me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. LOL @ "I am such a promiscuous product junkie"..that is adorable. I wish I could use this statement but I'm trying to cut down on the amount of products I use. Too cute!

    @ Dith - The best relaxer that worked for me was and still is ORS Olive Oil relaxer. I use the lye version normal strength.

  12. You're so right! I have to remember to "Be prepared to change and adapt quickly." I have a couple of products that I tried to make work, but my hair just didn't like them!

  13. In my biology classes, I learned that if you use the exact same product for months at a time, your hair develops resistance to it and will stop responding to the product the way you would like. Same thing happens with deodorants--one day your body learns how to concur it! (Not pretty). The best thing to do is find a range of different products that you like and alternate between them every couple of months to keep your body guessing.