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Monday, March 08, 2010

Here is a little snippet:

Tell me about your Creme of Nature (CON)/Essence experience?

Wow, what can I say. I'm still in shock. I'm feeling a whole bunch of emotions at once but I can honestly say that I'm grateful and appreciative to have experienced something so monumental. Never did I think I would be in an ad especially in Essence. This is my first appearance in a magazine period. My family is really proud and I'm still on cloud 9 :-)

How did you get selected to endorse them?

Their marketing team reached out to me. They knew I loved CON products (via blogs, videos etc.), shortly after I took some head shot photos and ended up in Essence magazine.

What do you love so much about CON products?

Honestly, they just agree with my hair type and texture. I have very coarse resistant hair and I find that CON products really help to make my hair more manageable, smooth and hydrated whether I'm just relaxed or 10-13 weeks post relaxer. Their products are affordable and widely available.

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  1. Thank you!!!! You are a true inspiration!!! I have been reviewing your site for about a month and a half. It has taken me over 2yrs to find someone w/4b hair that is chemically treated. I am so glad I found your site.

  2. they were smart to include you. i honestly haven't used CON products since i was younger. i just recently started to buy them again thanks to your endorsements. i really like the orange label line.:)


    Thank you for the opportunity to interview you!!! You are such an inspiratin to so many!

    Go, girl!


  4. Hey Sunshyne!

    This question has nothing to do with the interview but I wanted to you wash your hair? In the sink? shower? I've tried washing in the shower but I can't stay in there long enough to dc...I've tried the sink but my hair tangles. I tried dcing on dry hair and then getting in the shower but it didn't feel as moisturized as it does when i do it after i wash.

    any suggestions?

  5. Great interview! I've also learned that applying conditioner in sections has helped a lot.