Checking In On My Personal MBL Challenge

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I look MBL but it still hasn't fully sunken in yet that I've actually reached my ultimate goal. I don't feel like I'm done just as yet. I guess because I was BSL for a while, it's just so foreign to actually claim a new length..LOL. As the months go by and I'm here at this level for a longer period of time 2-3months, I'll begin to claim it :-) Weird huh? I know!

Anyway, here were my goals back in Feb. 2010:

Old Goals:

  • Apply JBCO to scalp 3 times a week after wash day Due to Castor Oil Challenge pt. 4
  • Take Multi-Vitamin and Omega 3-6-9 capsules daily Stopped taking Omega 369 since April, still taking my Multi-Vitamin daily.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water daily
  • Exercise 3 times a week (I got a new membership..YAY Me!)
  • Increase shine and soften texture (hard goal but I'm willing to take on the challenge) Did this with Coconut oil.
  • Buy a new steamer (my Hair Therapy Wrap broke..will explain later)
  • Simplify regimen and products even more!
Small Tweaks Since Feb 2010:

  • Baggied more (2-3x/week)
  • Instead of a light protein once a week, I used my reconstructor bi-weekly and a moisture/protein balanced conditioner in between.
  • Coconut oil treatments on dry hair twice a week for strength & shine.
  • Eliminated products that I no longer need. I just stick to the necessities. Still a working progress
  • Increased the usage of my heating cap vs. hooded dryer (more convenient at the time since it's portable).
New Goals for last quarter of 2010:

  • Maintain my length
  • Maintain my thickness
  • Remain a self relaxer
  • Dust often
  • Get a new steamer

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  1. Girl, you are like inches away from Waist Length so you should most def claim MBL and be very proud of your accomplishments! You made amazing progress :-D

  2. Girl, you are like inches away from Waist Length so you should most def claim MBL and be very proud of your accomplishments! You made amazing progress :-D

  3. What is the "moisture/protein balanced conditioner" you use? I have been using two steps and I hate how long this takes, if you can recommend a mutli-use product, that would be a great help. I am trying to break past shoulder length by year-end.

  4. Congrats, girl! You betta own that!!! Good luck with your new maintenance goals!!

  5. Huh??? It appeared to me you reached MBL a while ago. You're closing in on WL now. It would appear you have a case of hair anorexia. LOL Grow on girl!

  6. I love how detail oriented you are. I will continue to jot down my goals and comments so I can stay on pt. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sunshyne....I'm so happy for you, congratulations on achieving your ultimate goal and I know that you will enjoy this warm+fuzzy+exciting feeling of accomplishment !!!

  8. what is the name of the reconstructor that you are using bi-weekly?

  9. I feel like everyone who follows you on hairlicious should give you a standing ovation!!! i love how you've been on this journey for so long it kinda feels surreal when you finally reach your ultimate goal. wow. :) Congratulations, your a great leader

  10. Your hair is so beautiful, I an trying my hardest to get healthy hair but the regimin is so much... is there a way to simplify it for a new person learning to care for her hair? How often do you wash your hair? I try to go weekly because my hair is very thick....

  11. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!! I know that if you can do it, so can I..with persistance and the knowledge that I recieve on your site !!

  12. @ Ms. D - Aww thank you so much! I've come a long way but it's honestly a great feeling :-) Thanks again!!

    @ Anonymous - I use ION Effective Care Treatment for 20-30mins under heat.

    @ Glamourandlove - LOL Alright I will :-) Thanks girlie.

    @ Lavendar - Really? WOW..I never considered myself there. Thank you for noticing.

    @ InJoy - Why thank you my dear. Details are key in setting goals. You gotta be specific :-)

    @ Whassichic - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    @ Ynetta - I use Joico KPAK DPR and ION reconstructor

    @ Anonymous - WOW!! Thank you so much for this lovely comment. You've truly made my day :-)

    @ Ms. - Thank you hun!! I tell this to newbies all the time, just wash and DC with a moisturizing DC for 30mins with heat every 3-4 days, moisturize and seal daily, protect your hair in buns or braids/weave/wigs and wear a satin scarf to bed. Very simple yet effective. Once your moisture levels have increased you can start to include protein into your regimen.

    @ Krenee - T H A N K Y O U!!! That's the spirit girl. Happy Hair Growing :)

  13. Hi Sunshyne, congratulations on reaching MBL, that's my dream right there! You're a great inspiration.

    I was wondering if you could do an article/post regarding the whole Protein for hair thing i.e :

    -How much protein do you need?
    -What is the protein/moisture balance you talk about so often?
    -What are the best sources of protein?
    -What does protein actually do for your hair?

    Many thnaks, good luck with WL, you're almost there already!


  14. Congratulations on reaching MBL!!! You're an inspiration for a lot of ladies out there!

  15. You are there,CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  16. You've done such an amazing job Sunshyne and it totally encourages me to persevere through my setbacks. That's why I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Also it's really very apt for you!!