Hair Question: How Do I Ask My Stylist For A Texlax?

Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm going to texlax sometime next year. When you go to the hair salon what do i ask for, a texlax??? how do i ask for it if she doesn't know what a texlax is?????? llol please help me lol thnx :D

Advice: "Texlax" is a term we use here on the hair boards, blogs etc. so they may not understand what your saying and look at you

For those who don't know, here is the definition:

Texlaxing - Allowing the relaxer to loosen the curl pattern by leaving it on for a short amount of time making it easily manageable, not necessarily straight.

If anything just tell them that you don't want to leave the relaxer on long (10-15mins max.) then rinse immediately. Also, tell your stylist that you don't want him/her to comb through the hair while it's being texlaxed (if you want more kink in your hair), just smoothing with their fingers will be sufficient. Combing through the hair while texlaxing will make the hair more straight. If your stylist fights with you and suggests to leave it on longer, stay strong and tell them that you don't want your hair to be bone straight. Remember, it's your hair :-)

For extra measures (optional), coat your hair (if your hair is virgin)/new growth with a lot of oil prior to arriving in order to slow down the penetration of the relaxer in your strands. When doing this, the relaxer won't make your hair bone straight.


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  1. u used my question :D i feel special lol

    -kay <3

  2. You've had such great and inspiring progress over the years so I nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award. Check my blog for details and rules. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Sunshine could you please also use my question on protein, I feel like loads of people wonder this too! And please please let us know how your trimming shears worked, I found some, I'm waiting to buy them until I hear from you :)

    Your blog rocks btw!

  4. @Kay - Yes I did. I thought it was a good question especially for those who don't self-relax.

    @Tee - Thanks for the nomination! I appreciate it. I'm going to check it out now.

    @ Kigh - Please let me know your protein question and I'll see if I can post it up. I'll let you know how the sheers work as soon as possible.

  5. My question was a bit broad actually:

    How much protein do you need?
    -What is the protein/moisture balance you talk about so often?
    -What are the best sources of protein?
    -What does protein actually do for your hair?

    Many thanks :)