Self Relaxer Results August 2010 + Brief Explanation

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Relaxer took place: August 7th 2010

How Many Weeks Post: Relaxed at 11-12 weeks post (A little before the Castor Oil Challenge ended..I did the Ultimate level & it works!!)

Relaxer Used: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Lye Normal Strength

Other tools: 2 Rat-tail combs, 2 pairs of tight latex gloves (very easy to feel new growth with), towels, timer.


  • Detangled with Mane N Tail Detangler the day before
  • Put JBCO on scalp the day of relaxer
  • Put Coconut Oil and Vaseline on previously relaxed hair on day of relaxer
Total Time Of Relaxer Process: 20-25mins approx. with the help of my sister.

Method/Technique: Relaxed at home with the help of my sister. We parted the hair in 4 quadrants (2 in the front and 2 in the back). I took over the front portion and she relaxed the back portion. I pre-parted the hair in the front vertically and 2 strand twisted each section to make the process go faster. My sister pre-parted & 2 strand twisted the hair in the back section horizontally for fast and easy access. I went through the front 2-3 times (relaxing only the new growth) and she went over the back twice with smoothing (relaxing only the new growth).

I neutralized approx. 5 times with ORS Neutralizing shampoo then shampoo'd with Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo. I did a deep treatment with ORS Replenishing Conditioner mixed with JBCO, EVOO, Avocado and EVCO left it on for 30mins with heat. Rinsed and applied Scurl No Drip Activator as a leave-in and One n Only Argan Oil as a heat protectant/serum on damp hair. I air dried then proceeded to flat iron with my CHI camo flat iron. No trim.

Front view of air dried hair. Relaxer really took in the front. I'm happy!

Back view of air dried hair. Took forever to dry completely.

After flat ironing. All Done.


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  1. WOW!! your hair is beautiful!! I'm looking forward to when my hair is that length.

  2. ^my b,made a typo. You have gorgeous hair! The relaxer came out really good!

  3. wow!! your hair grew so much! and the thickness is very nice!

  4. Wowzers ur hair has really grown, I last recall you being BSL, Keep up the fantastic work girl, I will be there with ya soon! and yr relaxer turned out great.

  5. Great Job Sunshyne!!!! love the thickness & length!! =)

  6. Nice results Sunshyne :-)

  7. Simply beautiful progress Sunshyne........I feel so happy and it's not even my hair!! Part of my happiness is because the sense of suspense is gone, and i now know that YOU are doing well on your hair journey. **oh happy day!!!**

  8. is GEORGOUS.....i am sooooo excited for about 2 years time i will be there....thanks so much for this site!!!!!

  9. Hi sunshyne, love your site. Its so informative and your hair is muy bonita. (=

    Hola mujeres, I'm mixed with black and puerto rican but the texture of my hair is so odd! Definitely the product of a mixed breed. Extremely thick, like ridiculously thick, wavy but not curly maybe 4a/b? I really dont know. Feels kinky/dry, not coarse. it holds moisture relatively well but if I over do the oils it gets gross. very stiff and slick )= but right after relaxers my hair is almost too fine textured. I have to use hair spray like a white girl (no offense) lol to thicken my roots . I really want to try the JBCO but I'm worries it'll just thicken my hair rather than give me length which is what my goal is. Im currently NL/SL but was a past SL last June. I cut my hair into a really cute short bob (EL) last summer and now I want my length back. My roots grow like crazy and I get relaxers every 8-10 weeks but I feel like my hair gets thicker rather than longer? Idk. And when I wash/style, theres no bounce unless I go to the salon and even then its so thick. I trim my hair regularly and maintain the ends but cant seem to get longer than SL, but my texture should allow for my hair to be very long. Any suggestions? Muchas Gracias (=

  10. Hi Sunshine, so your hair is definitely relaxed and not texlaxed?


  11. Amazing, your hair has grown so much!!! And you thought you were gonna be stuck at one length forever, lol. Pls update us on what your regimen was to get your hair moving again after your set back! Great site, keep it up.

  12. Wow Sunshyne, yo hair is simply amazing. it came out really well and looks so so healthy, well done!

  13. Hi Sunshyne, your hair is so unreal its an incredible inspiration to me!

    I love ORS relaxers but they never used to work for me despite neutralising liek 6 times ( seriously ) so I changed to regular kiddy stuff : Sof'n'Free relaxer,
    I recently trimmed then relaxed my hair and I'm now using All ORS neutralising shampoo and DC replen Pak, and Palmers: hot oil, hair gro hairdress, hair milk, replen conditioner and conditioning oil, can you tell me if i need to make any changes to my regimen please?

    Muchly appreciated, and I can't wait to see more pics of your hair :)

  14. Oh MY!!! Gorgeous!!!

  15. Thank you ladies oh SO MUCHHHHHHHH for your kind words and comments! I wouldn't have gone this far without your continuous encouragement!! Big thank you going out to all of you again and again. HUGS!! More pics will be on :-)

    @ Bri - Please provide me with your email address so we can speak one-on-one.

    @ Starlette - My hair is honestly in between. I'm not relaxed bone straight but I'm not completely texlaxed. I'm in the middle. I guess it's because I use normal strength so the relaxer doesn't process as fast leaving my hair with more texture.

    @ Gracie - What you listed is not necessarily a regimen but a list of products you use. If you could email me @ with a run-down of how you use the products and how often then I'll be able to help you better :-)

  16. So great, glad the self relaxing worked for you. I'll be trying my first self relax Oct9, can't wait! Your hair is gorgeous!!!

  17. I.. I think I just caught the Holy Ghost. lol Absolutely stunning. Oh and one question, due to the glycerin content, do you use your scurl in the winter and if not, what's your winter moisturizer replacement?

  18. Looks amazing, and I'm so inspired!! Just wondering which stylist were you using in Toronto? I need to change mine, and I'm not sure I'm ready to go it alone yet

  19. Hair looks great like always but your waistline is getting wide. Slow down

  20. @ Cece - Thank you! I hope it goes well for you. Make sure you do your research.

    @Anonymous - LOL..thank you hun!! I use Scurl all year round. I don't change.

    @ Anonymous - I was going to a salon in Pickering mall. I no longer go there for relaxers.

  21. Thanks Belle!! long time no see girlie :-)

  22. Your hair is looking fab!!!

  23. Sunshyne you are truely and inspiration to me. I almost gave up the journey last month after experiencing a huge setback with my hair. I remember you sent me a comment saying I shoud persevere but now i really get the message. You hair is fabulous and it encourages me to continue.

    Thanks again