Hair Question: Is It Okay To Use A Protein Leave-In Conditioner?

Saturday, August 28, 2010


"Is it okay to use a protein based leave-in all the time or do I need to alternate with protein one time and moisturizer one?"


I think it's always best to leave moisture in the hair rather than protein, since it has a tendency to make the hair hard and brittle. It's best to use a moisture based leave-in on the regular for soft, supply, moist hair. Protein is best to use during the conditioning phase of your regimen to strengthen the structure of your hair. You can still use a protein based leave-in conditioner, if anything, use a protein leave-in and then a moisturizing leave-in right after to balance it out. Or alternate the days you use them, 1 wash day use a moisture leave-in, 2nd wash day you use the protein leave-in.

Hope that helps,


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  1. After trying out Mane N Tail, I was wondering the same thing. Great post!

  2. I'm facing this very dilemma. I'm a recovering pj and I'm trying to use up all my products one-by-one before I purchase more. Now I'm down to one leave in, Aphogee Tea Tree Reconstructor. I think It's been leaving my hair dry and prone to breakage. I am going to make an exception to my pj rule and go ahead and purchase a moisturizing leave in before I get adverse effects. Thanks for the tip

  3. That's what I do, alternate using them with my wash days. Though I don't have a protein "based" leave-in, I have a water-based protein leave-in with a protein in it, and one with no protein at all.

  4. Thanks for your input everyone!

    @ Anonymous - Thank you!

    @ Injoy - I'm glad this post helped you. Yes get the moisturizing leave-in ASAP!!

    @ Christine - Good stuff!! keep it up.