Healthy Hair Don'ts Checklist

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Here are the "don'ts" that you can use as a guideline in your Healthy Hair Journey. Remember not everything on this list you have to agree with. I'll star the things that I don't necessarily believe in.

If you haven't checked already, take a peek at the Healthy Hair Do's - Checklist

By Nicole Elizabeth Smith - Author of Healthy Black Hair

  1. Don't go on crash diets
  2. Don't avoid hair trims
  3. Don't squander hair growth by getting hair trims too frequently i.e more that 2 - 3 times a year
  4. Don't use heat regularly
  5. Don't comb your hair with a fine tooth comb
  6. Don't use natural or boar bristle brushes *
  7. Don't switch back and forth between relaxer brands
  8. Don't use a lye perm after a no-lye perm *
  9. Don't use permanent hair colour
  10. Don't use pin on hair (only clip-on or drawstring)
  11. Don't wait longer that 10 weeks to get a perm *
  12. Don't use hair sprays or styling gels (only protein gel or pomade) *
  13. Don't use rubber bands on your hair
  14. Don't use weave glue
  15. Don't use hair pins without coated ends
  16. Don't hot curl wet hair or use hair spray when curling your hair
  17. Don't scratch your dandruff
  18. Don't blow dry your hair when it is wet (air dry first)
  19. Don't get micro braids
  20. Don't go two weeks without washing your hair, unless you have braids
  21. Don't use commercial braid sprays *
  22. Don't scratch excessively
  23. Don't scratch your scalp with a pencil or bobby pins
  24. Don't put weave glue directly on your scalp
  25. Don't pick at scabs and scales
  26. Don't get a perm on an unhealthy scalp
  27. Don't put "Seabreeze" in your hair prior to a perm
  28. Don't grease your scalp with petroleum based products

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  1. can you explain a bit more about
    the paddle brush / boar brush point ?
    or do you already have a post on it ?

    also for me - if i go more then 10
    weeks without a perm my hair starts
    to break off badly at the line of demarcation...
    so i do have to get them regularly
    7 - 9 weeks apart but i guess everyones hair
    is different

  2. What do u mean do not use commercial braid spray?

  3. oh my! I def need info on the boar bristle brush...I recently lost my brush and replaced with this :(

  4. why is it bad to wait more than 10weeks to get a touch up(relaxer)....???

  5. What is the purpose of the asterisk, as there is no note or key at the bottom of the post?

  6. Very helpful ! Thank you for posting!

    And she stated above that she will "star" (or put an asterisk) on the things that she doesn't necessarily believe in.


  7. can you please explain the danger in scratching your dandruff and getting micro braids?

  8. Micro braids puts too much tension on the hair follicles, thus causing damage and scratching your dandruff also is causing possibly severe damage to the scalp....big no-no's.

  9. After I read that, i just wanna be bald now! XD