Healthy Hair Do's - Checklist

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I saw this list posted by trinitrish on this morning and I just had to post it here for you all to see. Hopefully it's beneficial to many (especially newbies). However, some points I don't agree with. I'll put a star beside the ones that I don't necessarily believe in. Let me know which ones "stick out" to you too.

By Nicole Elizabeth Smith - Author of Healthy Black Hair

  1. Do eat a healthy diet
  2. Do stimulate your scalp regularly
  3. Do limit the use of heat on your hair
  4. Do Use a wide tooth comb for styling
  5. Do protect your hair from sun with sunscreen or wearing a hat
  6. Do reduce stress whenever possible
  7. Do use quality products
  8. Do use Satin Pillow cases
  9. Do treat scalp disorders
  10. Do protect your hair at night
  11. Do wear your hair up often
  12. Do use the same brand of relaxer consistently
  13. Do stick to the same type of relaxer (lye or no-lye)
  14. Do get a hair trim 2 - 3 times a year
  15. Do oil your ends and hairline daily *
  16. Do exfoliate your scalp during shampoo *
  17. Do supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids
  18. Do use cushioned paddle brushes to brush your hair *
  19. Do use semi permanent (Level 1, deposit only) hair colour
  20. Do get highlights instead of using permanent colour
  21. Do get perms regularly, every 7 - 9 weeks *
  22. Do deep condition (with heat) once or twice a week
  23. Do rub medicated shampoos into the scalp and not just the hair
  24. Do massage your scalp
  25. Do wash your hair twice a week or every four days to keep your scalp clean
  26. Do use drawstring ponytails or clip on hair
  27. Do use hot oil treatments regularly to relieve dandruff
  28. Do use Tea Tree oil on your scalp to relieve itching
  29. Do get large braids or wear cornrows frequently
  30. Do take a break at least once a year


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  1. good tips!

  2. I agree with you Sunshyne, but I have to point out #20. Highlights are usually done with peroxide and requiring lifting the color significantly to contrast the natural color. This can be wayyy more damaging than permanent color even if they are not applied to the whole head. The effect of the process itself is still much more damaging IMHO.

  3. Thanks Vonnie & Lav. I'll remember that tip, thanks girlie :-)