ESSENCE.COM Straight Talk: Do You Agree With ‘I Am Not My Hair’ Statements?

Monday, March 30, 2015


I remember when India Arie released “I Am Not My Hair” in 2006 and the popular phrase swept the hair care world by storm. Everywhere you turned, ladies were chanting this phrase to declare that they were more than just their hair journey. According to the song, whether it was a press and curl, jehri curl or a relaxer, India Arie stated that hair does not define nor consume her. She has encouraged women to look inside and go beyond that. While that is true, reality illustrates that women believe the opposite of the statement.

It’s easy to agree that our hair can depict how we feel; it’s an extension of our personality, even our spiritual beliefs. I think our hair is an accessory that can be manipulated to how we see fit. We use it to express ourselves in anyway we feel and chose. It’s possible that we are our hair only because our actions prove otherwise. Women spend countless amounts of money and energy in making sure their hair is looking top notch. We go through great lengths (pun intended) to obtain long hair, a certain hair style or product. At times, our self-esteem increases and decreases depending on how our hair is looking and feeling, according to our preferences.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with one taking pride in making sure their hair is up to their standards. Healthy hair is beautiful and it can really transform the way you feel about yourself. Our hair is an extension of ourselves.

However, we must also understand that our hair should not be the sole deciding factor on how we are to be perceived by others and ourselves. Though our hair a part of us, it’s not all of us. As India Arie greatly put it, we are the souls that live within. At the end of the day, it’s just hair.

Share your thoughts! Do you agree or disagree with the “I am not my hair” statement and why?

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  1. I agree 100 %
    If you hade long hair, the hair is not even reflecting how you are. Most of the hair on your head reflects how you were years ago. Hair is dead and only the roots can show how your health is at the moment.

    But I asume India Aire is talking about identity and who you are rather than how you are. Clothes you can put on as a way to reflect your personality but the hair grows out from your head and you can not change if you have thin hair or super thick or maybe no hair at all. Many men turn bald around 40, there is nothing they can do but they are still the sa,e person.

    I think mainly this comes from commercial powers. They want us to think we can change our personality by buying a certain brand, maybe we subcounciosly think we will be dark and lovely if we use their products. It also makes us think we can change out hair but we can't because it is dead when it has grown out. It can make your hair look beautiful for a while but it doesn't mean that your souls is more beautiful.