ESSENCE.COM Straight Talk: On Maintaining Relaxed Hair While Working Out

Friday, March 13, 2015

Put It Up! 
The best thing to do while working out is to pull all of your hair off of your shoulders whether that’s in a ponytail, high bun or low bun. Protective styling the hair is best while keeping it wrapped with a silk or satin scarf. Tying the hair down helps keep the hair controlled, smooth and sleek during your exercise. Quick tip: do not take down your hair until it completely dries! This will help lessen the chance of your hair texture reverting.

Be Smart About Drying 
Ditch the flat irons and blow dryers for a healthier option. Try air-drying your hair while it’s in loose braids or a low bun overnight or grab the blow dryer and dry your hair on the cool setting. Cool air helps to close the hair cuticles encouraging them to lay flat and smooth resulting in healthier hair.

Ditch Itchy Scalp 
Those who sweat a lot in their scalp tend to experience excessive itching and overall discomfort in their scalp. Applying Coconut oil to the scalp 2-3x/week along with frequent Apple Cider Vinegar rinses in the scalp can help to eliminate the itching and remove dirt.

Less Shampooing is Better 
Using shampoo in the scalp is a great way to remove excess dirt, build up and sweat; however, using it after each workout can cause excessive dryness. Washing the hair with shampoo daily or every other day can strip the hair of natural oils and moisture. Eventually this can cause damage to the hair. If you must cleanse your scalp with shampoo, use one without sulfates for added hydration.

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