Have Your Say: Salon vs. At-Home Hair Care

Monday, May 04, 2015

A recent topic on Hairlista.com surfaced regarding the comparison between going to the Salon verses At-home hair care. 

Take a look: 

I thought this was a great topic to discuss and get your opinion on. Personally, I've noticed nothing but positives since the beginning of my hair care journey. Since taking back control of my hair, my hair has increased in thickness, length, over strength and my hair remains much more moisturized than ever! At-home hair care has changed my hair for the better. 

Don't get me wrong, I have seen some improvement with frequent salon visits; however, I have to deal with long wait times, limited healthy hair care knowledge/guidance/product suggestion, and the fact that my hair not in my control - not always the best feeling. I still have flash backs of my stylist relaxing my hair from my roots to my ends every 8 weeks! Little did I know. I'm surprised I still had hair on my head!!!!

It's no wonder why I remained at shoulder length for years while visiting the salon on a bi-weekly/monthly basis. Now that I take care of my hair at-home, I've been maintaining MBL (mid back length) hair for 5 years. It's been a drastic change for the better!

I'm curious to know your opinion on this topic!  Let me know what works best for you? 
Salon vs. At-Home? and Why?

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  1. I still have a mix of Salon and at home care.I am mainly an "at home" kind of girl.

    I visit the salon once or twice a year for the things I cant do. At this point its my trims... I need someone that works with a scissors to help me with that.

    Once I get to my target length I would be able to handle my own trims I think. i still ask my friend to do my relaxers though. i trust my friend more than I trust anyone in a saloon.

    I have just had too many bad experiences. from my natural days through to my relaxed days now...

    1. I completely understand where you are coming from. I still go to the Salon for minor things i.e. trims, blow dry etc.Simple things can be taken care of at home. You have to do what your comfortable with. Thanks for your input :)

  2. When I first started my hair journey I went to a salon but I had a regular stylist who knew my hair and it flourished. I believe that it all depends on the stylist and how they work with you and your journey.

    1. Having your stylist on board with your hair journey i.e. goals, techniques, products etc. is a great combination. It's important to have someone you know and trust understand your hair care needs and work with you to achieve your goals. That's a great point!

  3. I recently started going to the salon again on a monthly basis and my experience has been wonderful. My hair has finally moved past BSL to MBL with the additional care from my stylist and I feel the overall health of my hair has improved. For me the key has been discussing my hair goals and regimen with my stylist prior to her doing anything to my hair, she then adapts her practices to suit my goals and makes suggestions for maintaining my strands at home. For me visiting the salon has been an enhancement to my hair regimen.

    1. Communication is key! Having that open dialogue with your stylist is everything and it's wonderful how you are able to have that type of relationship with your stylist so you can both work towards your goals.Thank you for sharing!

  4. I have beem taking care of my hair at home for 16 months now and it has definitely thrived better. I know how i want my hair to be handled with care. It has gotten thicker as it was thinning. I never got any helpful tips at the salon how to properly take care of my hair anyway. Thanks for youtube and blogs like these to provide helpful information.

    1. Thanks Shantel for your input and for your support. I'm happy to hear that during the process of taking care of your hair at home, you began to understand your hair on a different level. That's awesome! You must be proud :)

  5. This is such an interesting question!
    I first stopped going to hair salons in 2010 due to a small patch of alopecia areata that still hasn't filled in five years later, caused by extreme tugging during braiding. Length: Ear length.
    Your site was actually the first I ever discovered when looking up healthy hair care, and I'm really glad! I saw my hair become thicker, able to hold moisture, able to shine and become manageable and stop breaking, so for that I'm glad I gave up on salons.
    Five years later, still reaching for APL, been stuck at Collarbone length because of improper self-relaxing techniques, but getting the hang of it, guess relaxing techique is as important as healthy hair care practices!
    Ultimately: self-care is better because you learn to take care of something that you'll have to for the rest of your life, the knowledge is invaluable!

    1. Awww thank you hun for all of your love and support. I couldn't agree with you more about how valuable it is to learn and understand your hair. After all, it's ours, we better understand what it needs and how it behaves. Self relaxing is tricky. Try these tips:
      - Always start in a different area than the last relaxer
      - Relax your hairline and nape last
      - Use a mild relaxer
      - Don't leave it on too long
      - Remember to protect your previously relaxed hair with oil or grease
      - Neutralize at least 3-4 times
      - Use a protein conditioner after!

      Wishing you all the success with your hair journey!

  6. Doing my own hair at home has not only benefited the overall health and length of my hair but even more importantly freed up my TIME. I would make an appointment, get there 15-20 mins. before appointed time and still had to wait hours before my hair was touched. No matter what time slot I choose or which salon I went to I had to wait hours on end before i can sit in the chair. No Bueno!

  7. I like your blog because you still talk about your hair after all these year. A lot of people get tired and turn into promotion of products instead.
    Since i learned to so Blowouts on My own hair, i dont go to salongs anymore. I can actually get bone straight silky hair without the flat iron. And a friend trims My hair. No need for salongs

  8. I go to the salon sometimes and had my hair relaxed in march at a salon. I have however decided to do my hair myself because i treat my hair much better, even my self relaxer methods are way better than that at the salon. Most of my setbacks (not serious) have come from going to the salon.....such as using too much heat to flat iron my hair, salon not using a heat protectant, salon combing and tearing my hair due to lack of skills on how to properly comb hair etc.
    I also sound like a crazy woman when i am at the salon so it makes more sense to just do my hair myself and avoid complaining nonstop about the methods being used on my hair.
    Lastly, i find the time i spend doing my hair very therapeutic.