Hairlicious Humectante..Hate It or Love It?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

So today was my wash day and I was so anxious to try out my lastest creation "Hairlicious Humectante". Its filled with many natural oils, moisturizers, etc. which is perfect for my hair type (4ab..mostly b though). I washed my hair as usual, using Roux Porosity Control Shampoo follwed by the Porosity Control Conditioner for 3mins. For some reason I felt like my hair needed it, so I used it. After the 3 min conditioner I rinsed that out, towel blotted my hair and then applied "My Special Mix" to my hair as if I was relaxing it with an applicator brush ( Got that tip from ManeandChic..thanks girl!) which made it wayyyy easier. Once I was done, the roots of my hair to the tips was covered with the conditioner =) I made sure the ends were covered in conditioner as well. I then pilled all the hair on top of my head, put on a plastic cap and went under the hooded dryer for 25mins. I rinsed out the conditioner about 20mins later just so that it could sit a little longer on my head to really seep into the hair shaft. I washed it out in the shower realizing that my hair felt different. It was much softer then usual! I DIDNT get too happy just as yet because there has been times where I have felt the "softness" while in the shower and then once the hair dries its crispy as

After washing it out, I towel dried and applied my Elasta QP Htwo leave in on the hairline so that my edges can lay flat once dried. I didn't want to put any leave-ins in my hair since I was testing out Hairlicious Humectante on my hair without any products over it. As my hair got a little more dry, I started to detangle my hair and to my surprise my hair was soft as cotton..I swear to you. It was heavenly!!! I continued to detangle and then left it to airdry a little more. Once my hair was completely dried, the moisture level of my hair was absolutely amazing...and this was before I moisturized and sealed. The ends definately felt lubricated, usual it never feels this way. I have never experienced this before. Im totally hooked on this new discovery. Right now its about 6pm, I washed out the conditioner @ 12pm (noon...6 hrs ago) and the roots, hair and ends of my hair are still moist!!!

The only thing that I would probably change next time is to eliminate the essential oils/stimulants because I felt no tingles in my scalp :-( but thats ok I can always add them to my Hawaiian Silky 14in1 scalp spray, which is very good for taming tough roots while stretching.

Hairlicious Rating : (5/5) ** So good it Made me want to sing **

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  1. Nice!! I may have to try your special concoction one day!

  2. Ms. S said...
    Nice!! I may have to try your special concoction one day!
    Thanks!! Girl it was great. The main thing is to add oils to your deep conditioners and honey...I do all the time and I love it.