New Concoction! Hairlicious Humectante??

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I was reading the Cathy Howse website ( ) last night (she updated it by the way and she looks fab!) and I noticed that her deep conditioner that many people love so much as a lot of natural oils in it. She states that we put too much emphasis on our scalps and that the natural oils are not needed for the scalp because the sebaceous glands function in that area of the head. The scalp takes care of itself! However, Cathy Howse also states that its the oldest hair on our heads that needs oil, not the scalp. Therefore our oil should be applied with heat to penetrate our dry hair shaft.

Remember to preserve something dead you need to keep it soft and lubricated. So when adding oils to your deep conditioner you are ALSO getting a Hot Oil treatment if you think about it ..YAY! (if you go under the dryer for your Deep Conditioning). Cathy also mentions that the best conditioner for our hair contains protein to strengthen and repair, oils to lubricate and a stimulant.

When reading this I was thinking on how I can incorporate those 3 key points (strengthen and repair, oils to lubricate and a stimulant) to my hair care regimen. So I started to bring out my "concoction experimenting" container and applicator brush along with all my oils, conditioners, and stimulant...and I came up with my new deep conditioner called Hairlicious Humectante! lol. Here are the ingredients:

4 tsp of 100% Virgin Coconut Oil (lubricate)
7 tsp of 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (lubricate)
4 tsp of Jamaican Black Castor Oil (which also contains Pure Castor oil Grapeseed oil and Carrot oil) (lubricate)
4 tsp of 100% Pure Glycerin (draws in nautral moisture of the hair)
4 tsp of Dabur Vatika Oil (lubricate)
3 tsp of Always Natural moisturizing conditioner
3 tsp of Cream of Nature Nourishing conditioner (provides hair with strength & repair damage)
4 tsp of AtOne Botanical Reconstructor conditioner (provides hair with strength & repairs damage)
4 tsp of Elasta QP DPR-11
5 tsp of 100% Pure Natural Honey (Acts as a humectante to draw in more moisture and thickens the consitancy of the mix)
8-10 drops of Now (the brand) Pure Peppermint Oil (stimulant)
8-10 drops of Rosemary Oil (stimulant) ** Just Added**

Hairlicious: How it should lookHairlicious: Pour mix into containerHairlicious: Dabur Vatika Oil, Jamaican Castor oil, EVOO, Coconut OilHairlicious: AtOne Reconstructor, Always Moisturizing Conditioner, Creame of Nature Conditioner, Elasta QP DPR-11, 100% GlycerinHairlicious: HoneyHairlicious: Peppermint Oil

Mix thoroughly until it turns a thick light yellow. Pore the mix into a old container (I used an old EQP DPR-11 bottle) and seal it. This mix will fill a little more than half the bottle of a DPR-11 container.

My wash day is tomorrow (Thursday) so I will definately be trying to out to see how my hair reacts to it. Im going to wash first and then sit under the dryer for about 25-30mins on medium heat and then rinse and apply leave-ins. Right now Im so anxious because I really need a conditioner that will moisturize, lubricate and strengthen all at the same time. We'll see how it goes...cross your fingers.

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  1. stimulant? What's that? Would lavender be a stimulant? I put that in my carmel deep conditioner..

  2. Hi Solomonsydelle,

    A stimulant which is normally an essential oil (i.e. Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Ylang ylang, Tea Tree oil etc.) provides a tingling sensation on the scalp that helps to revitalize the hair follicles while increasing blood circulation. This could lead to accelerated growth!

  3. Lavender is an Essential oil derived from flowers. Im not sure if it provides a tingling feeling on your scalp, if not then I wouldn't say its a stimulant.

  4. Do you still do this DC mix in your regimen?

  5. Hey Juana! No I no longer do this because I've found my staples now. It was sooooo good when I used it though! Play around and have fun with your conditioners =]

  6. Hi Sunshyne, I am very amazed an excited about my new best find which is "YOU" and your fantastic website. I would like to ask how do you set your hair at night to sleep? IZZY

  7. Whatever happen with the conditioner you mixed up??