My Hair Regimen

Monday, March 17, 2008

Last Revised July 6, 2020:

My regimen consists of a consistent moisture/protein balance! A consistent dose of protein is important for my normal to high porosity 4b/c relaxed hair. My focus over the years has always been on keeping my regimen as simple as possible! My wash days are Sundays and Thursdays.

Once a week or bi-weekly:
→ Prepoo with a light protein for 15-20mins with a heat cap, rinse
→ Shampoo
→ Deep Condition with a moisturizing conditioner for 25-30mins with heat, rinse
→ Apply Leave-in and lightly comb through
→ Air dry with the Scarf Method (if needed)
→ Moisturize and seal then I apply JBCO to my scalp in sections (optional)

→ Deep Condition on dry hair with a moisturizing treatment/oil for 25-30mins (optional)
→ Co-wash with a Moisturizing Conditioner
→ Apply Leave-ins and lightly comb through
→ Air dry with the Scarf Method
→ Moisturize and seal then I apply JBCO to my scalp in sections (optional)


- Relax every 10-12 weeks
- Dust/trim with every relaxer
- Baggy my ends when dry
- Light Protein Treatment 1x/week or biweekly
- Clarify 1x/month
- Wear protective styles 99% (buns)

My Staple Hair Products:

- Keracare Hydrating and detangling shampoo

Clarifying Shampoo:
- ORS Creamy Aloe Clarifying Shampoo

Protein Treatment/Conditioner:
- Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor

Moisturizing Deep Conditioners:
- Keracare Humecto (Tub)
- TGIN Miracle Honey Mask
- Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Marufa Oil Mask

Moisture/Protein Balanced Conditioners
- ORS Replenshing Conditioner
- Joico Moisture Treatment Balm

Leave-In Conditioner:
- Creme of Nature Buttermilk Hair Milk Leave-in
- As I Am So Much Moisture Hair Lotion

- As I Am So Much Moisture Hair Lotion
- S Curl No Drip Curl Activator
- As I Am Hair Milk (straight hair)

- Jojoba Oil

Scalp Oil:
- Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Deep Conditioner Additions:
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Avocado Oil
- Virgin Coconut Oil

Heat Protectant/Serum:
- One n Only Argan oil
- TRESemmè Keratin Smooth Spray

Gel/Edge Control:
- Fantasia IC Gel w/ Sparkelites
- ORS Edge Control
- Eco Styler Shea Butter and JBCO Gel

Co-wash Moisturizing Conditioner:
- Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner
- Aussie Miraculously Smooth
- Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner

Relaxer Prep:
- Base my scalp with JBCO
- Apply Roux Porosity Control to previously relaxed hair and ends
- Coat previously relaxed hair with Vaseline or DAX to prevent "relaxer run-off"

- ORS Olive Oil Lye Normal Strength (20-25mins)

Neutralizing Shampoo:
- ORS Olive Oil Neutralizing Shampoo

Useful Tip:  I mainly finger comb my hair, moisturize & seal then style. I barely use combs. Low manipulation is key for me!!

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