Have Your Say: Battle of the Cheapies! Vote Please

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Which product line carries your favourite cheapy conditioner, hands down?!? Let me know :)


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  1. Have you tried Biotin by Mill Creek. I love that stuff. It's organic and they carry it in the health food stores. I usually luck out and load up at Marshalls when it's half price. I have bottles all over my house!

  2. suave, hands down!


  3. ITA with longhairdontcare. Suave all day everyday.

  4. I love Herbal Essences! I swear by Hello Hydration and Totally Twisted!

  5. wow i usually use pantene pro v relaxed and natural because i was always told that you can't use white people shampoo on black hair. I always thought it was bad for the hair. I used to use Sunsilk untill i heard this but i don't really like the new panteen so i might have to switch back


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