Ingredient Spotlight: Stearalkonium Chloride

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What is Stearalkonium Chloride?

Stearalkonium Chloride is an antistatic ingredient used in hair-care products. It was originally developed as a fabric conditioner, now used in hair conditioners.

What does it do for the hair?

It helps to reduce static electricity by neutralizing electrical charges on hair. It's a great conditioning agent. Provides the hair with shine, reduces tangles, controls flyaways and aids in easy combing.

*12.9.08 Update* Some Products Containing Stearalkonium Chloride:

1. V05 Conditioners
2. Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner
3. Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner
4. S-Curl Activator Spray
5. Care Free Curl Gold Instant Activator w/ Moisturizers

Do you have any products with this ingredient? If so, what is it?


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  1. i don't know if i do or not...but this is interesting to know!

  2. It is in my VO5 Strawberries and Cream Moisturizing Conditioner. OH Yeah!

  3. Cool V05 eh? A lot of ppl love that conditioner.

  4. Hey. This is PocohantasDreams from Hairlista. My Soft & Precious Detangling Moisturizer had that ingredient in it.

  5. that chemical is toxic...

  6. it is a very toxic chemical and lord only knows what the long term ramifications can be. I personally think that all of these chemicals in products and food are the cause for the rapid rise in diseases and cancer. I would be cautious

  7. Its in my MIXED CHICKS leave in conditioner

  8. It is also in Hairveda's Acai Berry Phyto Conditioner. I found that it does not have as much slip as a Trader Joe's Tea tree condish or Darcy's Botanical'S Pumpkin Condish...It does seem to sink if faster though, maybe the ingredients are more of a delivery system for the proteins...Food for though...

  9. it's also in Renpure Organics/ I Love My Hair body & shine conditioner (with green tea, chamomile & soy protein).. Sounds so healthy, doesn't it? who knows what the heck else they r getting away with putting in our toiletries....eek!

  10. I have this product called salon care conditioner that contains this ingredient and it works pretty good

  11. Actually, this ingredient is considered a low hazard by the Cosmetics Database. It is often labeled as a toxin , however studies showed it is safe and non-toxic at the concentrations typically used in cosmetic products (0.1% up to 5%). The ingredients you should be most concerned with are preservatives. There is really no way to avoid them if a product contains water. The FDA does not regulate cosmetics unless you make certain claims that it heals something or cures something. Then it's considered a drug. The FDA will approve almost any ingredient most of the time unless it causes immediate problems or danger. Parabens are formaldehyde donors (also in some kinds of gum and who knows what else we're eating), but Phenoxyethanol and DMDM Hydantoin are two of the worst, in my opinion. The FDA even wrote an article on the dangers of Phenoxyethanol.
    I make my own products and I would use Stearalkonium Chloride based on the spec sheets I've read about it.....and I use only natural, organic, plant based preservatives. There expensive but it's worth it.

  12. my Define & Shine 2-N-1 Dry Finishing Lotion has this ingredient.

  13. John Frieda's Frizz Ease 'Shape and Shine Flexible hold hair spray' has it. )I've had this bottle for some time and they may have changed the recipe though.

  14. I use Salon Grafix(SG) healthy hair nutrition conditioning cleanser and it contains this ingredient.


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