Have Your Say: Thickness vs. Length

Saturday, November 13, 2010

We all have goals and certain things we tend to focus on in our Hair Journey. So what are you focusing on right now?


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  1. my hair is thick regardless, so definitely wanting the length!


  2. i also have to say both because both are equally important to me.

  3. my hair is pretty think already, should i aquire the length and learn different my goals my change

  4. I have to say, my first goal was achieving thicker ends because thin ends really take away from long hair. Now that I achieved thicker ends by gradually trimming the thin pieces off and keeping the rest moisturized, I can finally focus on achieving more length! Pics coming soon!!

  5. I'd say both as well. Honestly, who wants long, but lacking hair? Currently, I working on keeping hair moisturized, ends healthy and hairline. I will forego a trim until the new year. I know that I will reach my goals (full bsl/mbl) by june 2011. But, I want to get there with thickness.


  6. My hair is thin on one side and thick on the other. Thickness is what I need to focus on though I'd love to have longer hair to deal with it easier. :P

  7. I'm focusing on a little of both. Since I'm transitioning and haven't used a relaxer in six months, my new growth is thicker than usual and I am retaining length.

    So, it's all about texture and general hair health for me.

  8. I think both are equally important. It defeats the purpose of having long hair when you lack thickness. I want to have both!

  9. I was all about length before but from looking at other people's pictures I realize that thickness looks (in my opinion) better than having thin MBL hair. Your hair can be long but if its thin it doesnt look good.

  10. I will have to say "Both" as well. Really I want both, my hair needs to be "Long and Thick" all at the same time....

  11. Thickness is where it's at for me. My hair will grow but it's just so prone to being thin. I'm contemplating texlaxing to gain some body. That and health :)

  12. My hair is really thick as it is so thickness isn't a major concern now,so my main goal is length.

  13. My hair is already thick, I don't want anymore thickness. I'm stick to my length goal and put down the scissors


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