Let's Chat: What Tools/Products Are You LOVING Right Now?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What products or hair tools are you loving right now?

How long have you been using it?

Did these products grow on you?

How has it changed your hair?


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  1. Qhemet Biologics Amla and Olive heavy cream started in my regimen on a whim when I first went natural and HOLY COW is that stuff great....so rich, it'll always be in my arsenal. perfect for winter when I twist my hair.

    cantu shea butter leave in with coconut or olive oil over it to seal has been a great daily regimen for moisture retention.

    Just added the Shea Moisture deep treatment mask and I really liked it as a deep conditioner, made my hair super soft and curly when applied and then I sat under a heated cap for half hour. good leave in conditioner too


  2. I'm loving my banana clip! I use it more often than a regular ponytail scrunchie cause i love the effect.

  3. My Denman brush is very helpful and so useful i use it so much, my hooded hair drier is getting the most use of its life because of my indirect heat challenge. I have used these for last 4 months now.Products that have grown on me has been Cantu Shea butter, and Oyin handmade leave in conditioner, and Chi silk infusion are ones i like. They have made my hair have moisture, soft and easy to deal with.

  4. I'm loving my wet look shower comb that I picked up from Sally's. It doesn't snag, detangles so well, and those balls on the end feels good on my scalp.

  5. I'm loving the Shea Moisture Raw Shea line at Target! The line did take a while to grow on me since I started using it on my 7-month post transitioning hair. It was good, but not outstanding. However, once I relaxed again I was totally won over by these products. They are really keeping the PJ monster at bay. Love how moisturizing they are and how smooth and sealed my cuticle is when using them. I've been using them for about 5 months and my hair has never been so well conditioned and manageable, even after all these years on the journey.

  6. I used to be in love with SE Mega Cholesterol, but I am really loving SE Moisturizing Treatment. That stuff makes my hair feel awesome and not filmy like products with mineral oil seem to leave my hair. This product is now a staple. I have laso been loving safflower oil...it contains a lot of fatty acids and helps my hair to retain moisture.

  7. I have always had the S-Curl No drip activator never really realizing how great it actually was. Hmmmm... maybe it was my unwillingness to be consistent with its usage. For me personally the S-Curl activator combined with the Jamaican Castor oil has worked wonders for my ends. It is stronger and alot more fuller. Consistence really is key! =)


  8. my favorite products:
    ORS olive oil creme
    Profectiv mega growth creme
    Pink conditioning shampoo and conditioner
    olive oil

  9. Hi Sunshyne,
    Do you have a flat-iron? If so, what flat-iron do you recommend? I need one for emergencies, when I can't get soon enough to my hair stylist and all I want my hair to do is be straight and calm.

  10. I have really taken a liking to the Shea Moisture line at Target as well...I love that it has all organic incredients, extremely moisturizing...and at a fraction of the price that you would pay for Carols Daughter or Miss Jesse's...This line is great for the winter!

  11. I am in love with

    -Olive Oil
    -Shower Comb
    -Roux Conditioner

  12. S-curl and avocado oil :)

  13. Giovanni (Smooth as Silk shampoo, conditioner, and Direct Leave In); Curls Ecstacy (for weekly Deep Conditioning); Castor, Jojoba and Olive oils; Karen's Body Beautiful for added moisture (Creamylicious, Hair Milk and Butter Love). I decided to test try a couple products and stick with the ones that gave great results and not become a product junkie. I have been using these routinely since the summer and have seen wonderful results. I tried KCCC and KT and was highly disappointed with the KCCC, so that helped me to realize that I don't want to spend money on trendy items, but the staples that will get the job done.

  14. aussie moist, shea butter, and elasta qp new olive oil mango butter moisturizer!

  15. Castor Oil! For "Thickness, Softness and Growth"
    ~My Friends I wouldn't sleep on this one....

  16. Right now, I am loving Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion. It's only been a week and a half since I've been using this product and it's been great on my hair. I've noticed my relaxed and new growth hair is more softer and more manageable since using this moisturizer. Thanks Sunshyne for doing a review on this product. I have now found a moisturizer I can stick to.

  17. AMLA oil!.. OMG I have been using it for about 4 months now and it has given me amazing shine!.. I use it as a pre-poo every week, follow up with CON ultra moisturzing shampoo (an AMAZING shampoo) and finally deep contidiot with CON moisture extreme conditioner (with EVCO, Almond oil and Glycerin).. Hair feels so great afterwards!

  18. New to this...i did my first ORS relaxer..using Aloe, Hair Mayo, Replenish Pak, EVOO, EVCO. Loving my hair like its new!! I Love this site. You ladies are very informative. Sunshyne, you are whats hot!!!

  19. i absolutely adore ors carrot oil it is the best. i also love peppermint oil and DM80 hair oil and hair gro it is a combination of castor oil, evco, almond oil and avocado oil that i use as a sealant they real make my hair silky and soft and give it great shine


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