Have Your Say: What helps you combat breakage?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Is there a particular method or technique that you use to decrease hair breakage significantly?

What do you use?

What steps do you take?


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  1. daily moisturizing and sealing has really cut down on breakage and knots for me. i have my hair in protective twists (no extensions) and wash/deep condition weekly then moisturize daily with cantu shea butter leave in and seal with coconut or castor oil. hair is banging!


  2. Protein treatment helped me a lot!!! I use 2 step by Aphogee or any DC with protein in it!

  3. Low Manipulation: is one way that I would say combats breakage. Overall it's probably a combination of all the above.

  4. My answer would be a combination of all of the above. Not just one thing can help you combat breakage...it has to be a balance

  5. Thank you for your input ladies. I would have to agree with all of you. Breakage can be cured by many things, or just one particular thing, depending on what your hair is severely lacking at one point in time.

    ♥ Sunshyne

  6. I'd say what really helps me combat breakage is Protein Treatments, but the way I do it is after I wash I do a Moisturizing Deep Condition, and rinse. Then right after, I do a Deep Protein Treatment. I use Motions CPR, because it's a light protein condition and I can use it weekly. This is how I balance my protein and moisture. It works wonders!!!!!