Changed My Shower Filter! My Hair Loves Me Again

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lately, my hair has been feeling dry, shedding much more than it usually does and unfortunately breaking way too frequently. Overall, it's been behaving out of the norm.

I couldn't think of anything in particular that could be the cause (maybe a little too much protein), except for me not changing the shower filter on time!

After replacing the filter and carrying on with my regular wash day routine, my hair felt 100% better (while wet and dry). The softness instantly reappeared and I noticed less shedding when detangling. My hair doesn't seem to like just "any" type of water, apparently. Talk about spoiled!

Anyway, I just want to remind those who have shower filters to change it every 6 months. Personally, I recommend that you change it every 4-5 months (a little earlier) that way you don't run into a situation where you may experience breakage, shedding etc.


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  1. Ok...I need to hurry up and get one now!

  2. I just ordered one - ha!

  3. I have become a shower filter user too. I don't remember for sure what movie it was (perhaps A Civil Action with John Travolta, maybe Erin Brokovich) where people where getting their dose of cancer causing chemicals by inhaling the atomized particles in their shower. Yuck.

  4. I didn't expect that the shower filter had much influence in hair maintenance. Thanks for informing us about it. It's the first time I've heard of it and I want to look more to it if others have also experienced the same thing. That's pretty neat.

  5. Thank you ladies for your comments. Yes, if you have hard water in your area, a shower filter is essential in your hair care regimen!! Lord knows my hair thrives on it. Otherwise, I would be facing a serious setback. LOL


  6. @Jenijen - Yay! You wont regret it :)