January 2012 Relaxer Results

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Relaxed: January 5th, 2012
Used: ORS Olive Oil Relaxer Normal Strength (Lye)
Style: Flat ironed with ends bumped
Length: Mid Back Length (maintaining)


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  1. *drool* my dream hair! looks great girlie!

  2. Aww Sunshyne your hair looks great! It's so pretty and thick :)

  3. Beautiful Sunshyne I just started my journey about 2 weeks ago & I cannot wait to start seeing results (I know I have a ways to go). I'm glad a ran across this site. It's so inspiring & seeing your journey gives me hope! Thanks & happy hair growing :o)

  4. Simply beautiful Sunshyne....HHG and i hope you and family are happy and healthy!

  5. Ohhh Sunshyne your hair is gorgeous!!! So lustrous and thicK! Congrats we are all so proud of you! =D

  6. Gorgeous hair Sunshyne....lovin the thickness

  7. Amazing results girl!! Now i wish
    I hadnt cut my hair!

  8. Your hair is as beautiful as always!!

  9. Wow your hair looks amazing! Simply Beautiful!

  10. Beautiful, very inspirational.

  11. Beautiful! (as usual). You contantly inspire me. I'm working my way there!

  12. One word....BEAUTIFUL! I will get there. I say this every where I go that my hair grows no less than an 1" a month! It's a proud accomplishment for me considering all the damage and stress my hair has been though over the years. Your hair is awesome sis. Be blessed! :o)

  13. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Your wonderful comments, support, love, and encouragement. It is extremely appreciated. I`m happy that I`ve been able to inspire some of you. It IS possible to have the hair you desire :)

    Be Blessed


  14. Your hair is so beautiful and so shiny and health looking! Thank you for inspiring others with the notion that they can have beautiful long hair that they aspire to have! One question, do you protective style you hair most of the time?

  15. Hairlicious Lady, your hair looks great!

    I have a real dilemna and I would really appreciate your advice.

    So I started my Long Hair journey in June of last year and I decided that I needed an extended break from relaxing my hair due to severe over-processing.

    So, since June, I've just been putting my hair in a serious of full weaves. Now dont worry, I've been very diligent with washing and DC'ing my hair inspite of it being woven down the majority of the time.

    Even though I havent relaxed since June, I havent experence any major breakage or shedding and I am happy to report that I have over 5 inches of new growth which I cannot wait to stretch out!

    So... the dilemna....I'm going to relax my hair in about a month's time and I'm debating whether to go to the hair dressers to get it relaxed or to relax it myself (with the assitance of my sister). The problem I have with my hairdressers is that since I started my Long Hair journey, I am very concious of the fact that my hairdressers over manipulate my hair (yanking, vigourous combing etc)and they are also very funny about people bringing their own products and I was going to take my CHI Keratin Mist, Moisture Conditioner and Roux Porosity to use after the relax...They have ok products but nothing to really write home about...

    Now the problem with me relaxing it myself is that I am not very fast with the application of the relaxer and I'm prone to overlapping (hence why my hair got severly over-processed in the first place...) but at least I get to handle my hair myself and, after the relax, use my products the way I would like...

    As I've been going to my hairdressers for years, I'm not too keen on venturing out to look for another stylist, so these really are my only two options..

    sorry for the long post, but could you please advice me on what you think I should do??


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