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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Check out our fellow Hairlista Elektrik Red demonstrating how to test your hair for damage while on your hair care journey. This is a quick and easy way of making sure you are on the right track and a great way of letting you know if you need to make any major/minor adjustments to your regimen, before its too late.

Just to add a little more info to the Hair Strand Test:

1. Start with a shed wet piece of hair
2. Take the wet hair and stretch it, carefully.

If your hair strand stretches :

A) 15%-20% and then bounces back, your hair is balanced.
B) A lot, and than breaks off, you are lacking both protein and moisture.
C) And continues to stretch, and does not return to it's orginal state, you are lacking protein.
D) If the hair strand does not stretch and immediately breaks off, you are lacking moisture.

Be sure to try this tip when you are unsure about the moisture/protein levels in your hair. The strand test will direct you as to what your hair is really telling you. The key to a successful hair care journey is knowing what your hair needs, when it needs it :)


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  1. My hair sunk to the bottom of the cup :(. What should I do?

  2. If your hair sank to the bottom, that means your hair is very porous. Porous hair needs regular treatments of both moisture and protein (more so protein to fill in the cracks along the hair shaft). Doing a final rinse with something acidic, i.e. porosity control, apple cider vinegar etc. will help lay the hair cuticles flat preventing any moisture from being released. It does take time to repair, so be patient :)

    Hope that helps

  3. My hair didn't sink which was great but it stretched a little then snapped. I know its lacking moisture. So I've boosted up on my oil regiments. Coconut oil and Caster oil every other day. I keep my hair in two twist during the week and down on Sundays. I have this old color streaks in my hair from May 2011. I wanted to color it with a black or DB but afraid of more dryness. Any advice ...

  4. Thanks Sunshyne, I tried the roux porosity control for my final rinse and it left my hair so soft and moisturized.

  5. For the most part I am pleased with my test. I took hair from each temple side, the nape, the front and the crown. I let it sit in the water for about three minutes just to be certain of my results. I am currently 7 months post relaxer so I'm working with 2 textures. My hair did not sink. I began to curl up almost instantly. When I pulled it out being very careful I pulled on it then running my fingers down the shaft. It stretched some then snapped back. I did notice that i have to perform my first search and destroy before matters get bad. My hair is doing pretty good based on this test. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for the info.

  6. Some of my hair sunk and some floated but after awhile the sunken ones came to the top what does that mean? Regardless of this does it mean my hair is damaged? And what should I do?

  7. My hair floated for a while but then slowly sank to the bottom. I'm not sure if I have porosity issue but if I do then I need to fix it asap! I just started my journey and don't need any mishaps. Is there any products or things I can use or do to fix this problem?

  8. If your hair sink that means you have low porosity hair, that is not a bad thing. That just means hair resist moisture. Low porosity often shine more if you have dark hair versus if you have high porosity hair that will float. I think you making low porosity seem like a bad thing when it is really not. You have low and high porosity hair confused with each other?

    1. i think its the other way around high sinks low floats

    2. That's right! High porosity hair sinks, Low porosity hair floats!


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