5 Tips For Growing Out Your Nape

Monday, June 22, 2015

Typically, the nape is the hardest area to grow long, strong and healthy - think about it?!? It's at the back of your head making it hard to see and pay attention to i.e. moisturizing, not to mention, it constantly rubs on clothing, fabrics and head rests causing friction and possible breakage. The nape is the most neglected region, typically making it the shortest area on your head.

The back of my hair in 2007. My nape was shorter than the rest of my damaged shoulder length hair.

Prior to my hair journey, I suffered with my nape. It just wouldn't grow to match the length of the rest of my hair. It was constantly dry and brittle, so I definitely wasn't retaining any length! I just didn't know how to care for it properly. Part of me actually believed it was normal for the back of your hair to be very short in comparison to the rest of your hair - am I the only one? Luckily, along the way to healthier hair, I've picked up a few tips and tricks to baby my nape allowing it to grow out longer and stronger.

5 Tips For Growing Out Your Nape:

1. Moisturize and seal effectively. 
Take the time out to section off the nape area from the rest of your hair. Saturate your nape with your favourite moisturizer and follow up with your natural oil to seal it all in!  It's important to add a tad bit more moisturizer to your nape as the moisture can easily evaporate i.e. rubbing on clothes, fabrics etc. Always keep this area moist!

2. Saturate your nape with your favourite deep conditioner. 
Pay attention to this region when applying your deep conditioner. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots. When using heat, make sure the steamer/heat cap/dryer is targeting this area for maximum benefits and penetration. 

3. Keep the hair up! 
Keep your hair off of your shoulders. The last thing you want is your hair constantly rubbing against your clothing, jackets, cloth head rests etc. causing friction. This friction could lead to tangles and possible breakage. 

4. Be cautious of tight styles. 
Tight styles pulling on your nape can create tension on your follicles leading to hair loss and breakage. Keep this area loose when doing protective styles i.e. buns, braids, weave etc. to preserve the health of your hair. 

5. If you are relaxed, relax this area LAST! 
The nape is very delicate so it's best to save this area for last that way it has less time to process; therefore, leaving more protein in the hair. More protein in the hair will make it stronger to combat  damage and breakage. 

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