Product Haul: Creme of Nature, As I am, and More...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

So approximately a week ago, I originally went to my local BSS, Clorè Beauty Supply, to grab some perm rods for a heat-less curls set I planned on doing. However, I came out with more than expected. Has that ever happened to you? :)

With that being said, I grabbed two sets of perm rods (used them to create Heat Free Curls) and while I was walking down the isle, I noticed the new Creme of Nature Argan Oil Co-wash and Buttermilk leave-in. I just had to get it! Threw it right in the basket. Though it's geared towards natural hair, I'm anxious to try them out to see how my relaxed hair reacts to them both. Maybe you're the same way, but I always have to feel a little bit of the product on my fingers just to see how it feels. The Buttermilk leave-in feels very smooth and slippy, which should help with detangling and smoothing out cuticles/tangles. So...we'll see!!!

I then picked up some As I Am Twist Defining Creme to help define my curls for my perm rod set. It has a jelly/thick consistency; however, just from using it once, I notice that it's very easy to apply to the hair and it locks in moisture. The Softsheen Carson Hydra Steam conditioner was something new that I've never heard or seen before. Interestingly enough, it has absolutely no protein in the ingredients. It's all moisture! This conditioner caught my eye as it encourages you to use the product under a steamer for 20 mins. If you know me, I'm such a huge fan of steaming - it was a no brainer to throw it in the basket too :)

A review on each product will follow!

What product haul have you done lately? What did you purchase and why ?

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