Wash Day - Perm Rod Curls!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

This wash day was by far fun and full of uncertainty for the simple fact that I decided to try out Perm Rods for the very first time! These perm rods are part of a mini Beauty Supply Store haul I did a couple days ago. I'll share that in another post soon! Perm rods have been on my 'must-have' list for a while now. To be honest though, putting rollers of any sort scare me due to the lack of comfort at night - my sleep comes first!!! Sleeping in the rods wasn't as bad as I anticipated. It just takes getting used to. Next time, as an alternative, I'll just go under the dryer for an hour or so to speed up the drying time.

I'm loving the curls! It's the perfect heat-free low manipulation style for the summer. This healthier alternative just might be my go-to style for special occasions for the next couple months.

Anyway, I must say that for my first perm rod set, my results came out better than I expected - especially dealing with my 10/11 week post new growth. My hair came out fluffy, full of movement, shine and moisture! Ohhh the shine!!! I can't get over the amount of shine in my curls. I think the 'As I Am Twist Defining Cream' was the culprit. It does exactly as promised! Overall, it was a happy wash day indeed. Check out the dets below!

Wash Day Products & Steps:

  1. Deep Conditioned: Applied Keracare Humecto (mixed with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil) to dry hair for 30 minutes under heat.
  2. Cowashed: Cowashed with Aussie Miraculously Smooth under running water focusing on roots/scalp.
  3. Air dried: No product used while air drying. Detangling was a breeze!
  4. Moisturized: Applied As I Am Twisting Defining Cream section by section from root to tip!
  5. Styling Product: Applied a tiny layer of Creme of Nature Argan Oil Foaming Mousse in sections for extra hold.
  6. Perm Rods: Finger parted my hair and began to wrap each section around the Perm rods (I refused to make defined parts due to lack of time so I basically placed the perm rods all over). 
  7. Take Down: Carefully separated each curl with a bit of Argan oil to prevent frizz. 

Styling Products:

Perm Rods in place:


Until next wash day...

The Wash Day Experience

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  1. Gorgeous and I'll have to try using perm rods too.

    1. Thanks Ann. I was skeptical at first because my hair is long to wrap around the rod but it turned out better than expected. Enjoy :)

  2. Your curls look fabulous! You did a very good job.

  3. Very beautiful, how is the hold with CON foam wrap?

  4. GORGEOUS, love the curls, I have perm rods, but I'm scared to use them, lol!

  5. Beautiful curls, Sunshyne! This is the second blog post today that I'm seeing a relaxed girl using a defining cream or pudding. I never even considered using a product like that. But I guess it makes sense especially for our curly no heat styles. I now have two defining creams that I need to read some more reviews on. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love it!! Great definition and shine.

  7. Love your curls! Thanks for sharing your review!

  8. Your thickness is amazing! Love the results!

  9. aha! now i know i can get the orange rollers too! i just wanted a size that won't let me down as my hair grows. Just a question ....How long did you need in the end to completely dry your hair? #WashDayExperience