Got New Shears - Hoshi Shears!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

I think I've owned a total of two shears throughout my entire hair care journey. I'm serious! I've always been one to go to the salon to trim my ends; however, getting these amazing shears is now making me think otherwise. 

Hoshi shears are known to be superior in terms of quality, sharpness and style. I got the 5.5" Tokyo Shears made from Japanese VG-10 Cobalt Steel. The casing + wrap-around-zipper is cute as it provides complete protection for the shears, specifically the blade. Keeping the blade enclosed will keep the shears away from the elements i.e. dust, etc.

What I love most is the edgy design. It feels solid yet light weight so your fingers won't get tired when trimming your entire head. I can't forget the fact that these shears are designed to cut through thick wet or dry coarse hair - how great is that?!

I haven't trimmed my hair in approximately 5-6 months. Since I'm freshly relaxed now, I'll definitely give them a try asap!! I've heard nothing but great things about these shears so I'm excited...just had to share!! Full review to come..stay tuned.

Do you trim at home? What brand of shears do you use?

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  1. Heard great things about this brand. I do self-trimming using Eclipse shears from Sallys. On the hunt for a good scissors and will check out yours. When relaxing your hair you mentioned dividing the hair in 4 quadrants then 1 inch sections. Approx. how many sections/twists do you have for say one quadrant? Would it be 4 or 8? Thinking of doing my own self-relaxing.

    Love your blog and saw your gorgeous ad in essence magazine.

    1. Yessss...this brand is wonderful! I had a chance to use them on Sunday and boy am I in love :) In each quadrant, I have about 8-10 mini twists. Twists really help in speeding up the relaxing time. All I do is apply the relaxer to my roots, on each side of my twist, flip the twist over...repeat. Hope that makes sense :)

      Thank you so much Tina. What ad in Essence Mag are you referring too? I'd love to know :) LOL

    2. Your ad in the July 2015 Essence Mag with Orange Is The New Black cast on the cover. You are on page 104 it's called ORS Real Talk. Real Reviews. There is a gorgeous picture of you talking about ORS relaxer.

  2. Great! I don't cut my hair because of the equipment, but rather because of the lack of eyes in my neck. I'm a sucker for blunt ends and I don't think I will be able to do that on my own.

    Stupid question maybe, what's the difference between sheers and scissors?

    1. I totally get what your saying! You definitely need help when it comes to the back of your hair. I got my sister to help me out and she did a great job at not cutting off too much! I trust her entirely. I think if you have someone to help you out, you'll be okay.

      Shears are "scissors" meant for trimming the hair. They are called "shears" in the hair care world :)

    2. Ok. Thanks for the clarification. I always think of the tool to cut sheeps hair and thought the were constructed in a different way than normal scissors.:)