Flat Ironed Hair: My Length Check 2016

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Okay Hairlistas so this is my first length check for 2016! Woot woot :) I know I know, I haven't done a length check in a while.  I noticed that since I made my decision to maintain Mid Back Length my length checks decreased because I'm "maintaining" now. 

This year, I think I'm pretty close to waist length - post trim. Yay!!! My hair has slightly increased in thickness. I'm attributing the thickness increase to my GNC Hair Skin & Nails Soft Chew Vitamins. These soft chews have been the only 'new' thing I've incorporated into my hair regimen - nothing else! I still use the same staple products, techniques, and regimen. As I mentioned before, these vitamins have a ton of Biotin (3000 mcg) in them, which helps to promote hair growth and thickness. 

Over the years, my relaxed hair has become much more resilient due to my consistent usage of protein treatments, coconut oil pre-poos and moisturizing & sealing daily! I try to leave my hair alone as much as possible (aka protective styling) and use my fingers or wide tooth seamless comb when styling my hair - you won't catch me using a fine tooth comb! My hair has become predictable in a sense that there's no 'guess work' when it comes to maintaining my hair. It has decreased and I'm okay with that! 

Overall, I'm loving my relaxed hair and I'm happy with my length for #Summer16 !!!!

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  1. Wow, Thats perfect method to check length of hair. Hope, almost all of us no following correct method. Thank you :) (and yes, you have great hair)

  2. Ironing hair to check the length is a method I know that works but let’s face it, it takes a lot of work. Nevertheless, your hair looks thick and beautiful!