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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

"How do you know when your hair likes a product?"

I received this question from one of my Instagram followers this week and it's a great one to share here on my blog as I know many are probably wondering the same thing.

Finding your holy grail products can be an exhausting task! But only through the process of trial and error are we able to find our 'tried and true' products.

Now the question is, "how will you know when your hair likes a product?"

As simple as this question is, the answer is a little complex.

Sometimes, when we try new products for a few days, it can be hard to 'hear' what our hair is saying to us. But if you pay close attention to the appearance and feel of your hair, you will begin to 'listen' and act accordingly.

It really boils down to results! The results you receive when you try a particular hair product.

For instance, if you try a moisture based product that claims to 'hydrate, smooth and moisturize damaged strands' yet every time you use it your hair appears dull, dry, rough, and you notice breakage! Chances are your hair does NOT like that particular product. No need to repeat the process, sis.

Always keep this in mind when trying hair care products:

Is this product doing what it's intended to do? How does my hair look after using this product? How does it feel? How does my scalp feel? Is it clean? Is there any product build up on my strands or scalp? Has my breakage decreased? Has my shedding decreased?

Mini hair assessments, pre and post product usage, will allow you to understand your hair better and what it likes! Below are the 5 signs to look out for when trying to figure out if your hair likes a product.

5 Signs Indicating Your Hair Likes A Product:

1. Increase In Moisture Levels - Soft moisturized hair is a big indicator that your hair has responded well to a product. An easy yet effective way to tell if your hair is 'moisturized' is by touching it. Your hair will feel much more manageable, soft and slightly cool-to-the-touch indicating that moisture has been locked in to the strands. Nothing like a product that effectively hydrates the hair!

2. Less Breakage - It's important to know that breakage is inevitable, it will happen. However, the focus needs to shift to ensuring it doesn't go out of control or happen often - minimizing breakage is key! Wait a few days after using a product to see if you notice a change in the amount of breakage you receive. If you notice far less breakage, then you normally would experience, then you know that the product is working to restore balance in your strands. Less breakage equates to length retention over time!

3. Less Tangles - If you notice less tangles, knots and matting - after using a haircare product -  there's a 99% chance that your hair is responding positively and it's a keeper! Less tangles means less friction between your strands. The cuticles are laying flat as they should! Less friction leads to less breakage. 

4. Increase in Shine - Shine in the hair is a result of closed cuticles, which means your strands are sitting at the right pH level to effectively lock in moisture. Closed cuticles reflect light; therefore, your hair will give off a sheen/shine after using products that your hair loves. If you notice a subtle shine/sheen to your hair after using a certain product, it's a good thing!

5. Calm Scalp - Scalp irritation and sensitivity is no fun. Using a product that causes itchiness, dryness, flakes, soreness or even shedding is a big indicator that it's not for you. Your scalp is the foundation of your hair, so keeping it in tip-top shape is crucial for healthy hair growth. An easy way to assess if a product is working for you (and agrees with your scalp), is if your scalp is displaying the opposite of everything I mentioned above. No, honestly!  If a product is in fact working, your scalp will be calm, hydrated, clear of any flakes, no excessive itching, and free of build up etc.

Again, pay close attention to how your hair is looking and feeling after using new products. Don't ignore the signs and cues your hair gives you. Always listen to your hair!

Below are some tips to help document and troubleshoot the effectiveness of hair care products in your routine.

Tip# 1: When trying new products, try documenting the results in the Notes App on your phone or on a physical notebook/pad. Keeping track of how your hair behaves, after introducing new products into your regimen, will give you a better understanding of what is working and what isn't.

Tip# 2: If you are still unsure of the results you're getting or nothing seems to be working, try using a Clarifying shampoo to rid your hair of any build up. Product build up can inhibit new products from penetrating your strands (basically making you feel as though nothing is working). Giving your hair a clean slate will allow the new product to absorb into your strands possibly giving you better results.

Evaluate your hair and scalp often, make adjustments as you see fit!


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