Mini Cosmetic Haul: Nail Polish & Lip Gloss

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So I went to Walgreens and picked up some nail polish. It was on sale buy one ($1.99), get one free. I couldn't pass that up. The Brand is called "Sinful Colors". Plus, I went to Victoria Secret and picked up two new lip glosses. I got 2 for $12. I love gloss/shine on my lips, I'm not a fan of lip stick or matte colors.

What Im Rockin' Right Now: Pretty In Pink


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  1. goota love the sinful collection (nail polis) @ walgreens, it is very affordable and of good quality.

  2. @ Todoni - Your so right!
    @ Belle Cheveux - Thanks Bella! *smiles*

  3. That color looks really good on you:) Are you gonna post pics of you wearing all the colors?

  4. Thank you! I just might..or you'll see it my videos.

  5. I just love that shade of pink

  6. Where did you purchase that pink from?


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