Remington Active Ion, Tourmaline & Ceramic Flat Iron - My 1st Flat Iron Experience

Monday, August 11, 2008

I am a 23 yrs old flat iron virgin! Well not anymore...hahaha...what I meant to say is that I've never owned a flat iron nor have I ever flat ironed my hair myself! I was at ULTA on the weekend and I was looking around to purchase some perfume. Well that didn't happen because I saw a really good deal on this Remington TSTUDIO Flat Iron. I've always wanted a flat iron but I really didn't have an interest in going out and shopping for one. This flat iron was on sale for $27.99, the orginal price was $39.99. To me, thats an excellent price! The sales lady that helped me out was sooo nice. She said she owns the same flat iron and she lovesss it. By the way she is Black and about Bra Strap Length with bone-straight relaxed hair. I was very happy to hear that. I was sold. Check out some info on my new flat iron (im so happy)!

Name: Remington TSTUDIO Collection 1" Active Ion therapy Flat Iron
Description: New Gemstone Technology, Pink Tourmaline for Incredible Frizz-Free Shine. This digital flat iron has an internal ion generator and pink tourmaline-ceramic plates to help seal the hair cuticle for hair that is smooth, shiny and resistant to humidity. This 1" flat iron also has an internal electronic ion generator that delivers 10,000 times more ions than traditional ionic stylers.
Color: Chocolate Brown with Baby Pink Plates
- 200 degree/395 F Salon high heat
- Interal electronic ion generator continuously emits 10,000x more ions than a traditional ionic styler for maximum therapeutic effect
- Ultra smooth tourmaline-ceramic plate surface for smooth glide and even heat distribution
- Narrow plates allow for creating volume at the root
- Digital controls/LCD screen
- 60 second instant heat up
- Round edge plates
- Rubber safety grip
- Variable heat settings
- 1" Tourmaline & Ceramic plates
- Auto shut off
- 360 swivel cord

I tried out my flat iron for the *1st time* and here are the results (mind you, I am 14 wks post in these pics). I only did a section of my hair just to see how it would look. I used the lowest heat temperature:


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  1. Heyy, haha I can't believe you went that long w/o a flat iron! haha, I guess it was for a good reason though. =)
    I just recently found your blog and find it soooo helpful! I found it through the HT website.
    Well, basicly I wanna say keep it up & good job. It really helps. =)

  2. Wow thats great... I'm not so sure about what would work for my naps... afraid that it would burn out str8 like it did in the past...

  3. I really like your blog! I'm suprised you are just now using a flat iron but make sure you are careful and don't put too much heat on it.

  4. Thanks Ladies for the love. Glad you like it here. I know its kinda sad that I haven't used a flat iron up until now. I guess theres a first time for everything...hahaha..LOL.

  5. Your blog is very well done. Thanks for the great information. I love my flat iron and use it almost daily.

  6. Thanks Jade for the compliment and the link. You use your flat iron daily? lucky you! What kind of heat protectant do you use?

  7. Thank you very much for the information. I have purchased a GHD hair straightener from

    I am really very happy with my tools.

  8. hi, i love your is so helpful
    I just wanna know, how often do you use the flat iron???

  9. Thank you! I don't use the flat iron often. I use heat in my hair maybe 4-5 times a year.

  10. Outstanding article with lots of information. I like it.

  11. Great blog and good information about flat iron. Thank you very much.