Hair Comparisons

Friday, August 15, 2008

Just thought I'd share with you some hair comparisons photos. These photos were taken through-out my hair journey. I'm happy with how much the front of my hair has grown. That area of my hair grows the slowest!! Why, I don't know?! Check 'em Out (click the pics to enlarge):


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  1. Wow! Great progress!!!

    I just had a major setback (I posted about it...ugh) but I'm still trekking... not discouraged!

    Keep up the great work!! =)

  2. Wow that's great. Not only is the length there but I can definately tell the difference in the health of your hair also.

    Well done!

  3. Thanks Ladies. Sorry Ms.S about the set back. Im going to check out your post.

  4. Thank you Solomonsydelle! Can't wait for BSL

  5. Hi Sunshine,

    Your hair is simply beautiful... Amazing results!

    I ran across your site while researching the benefits of castor oil for healthy AA hair. I also have the book (The Science of Black Hair).

    Great job. Congrats!

  6. Your hair is awesome. I was wandering do you have to wash the castor oil out of your hair everytime? I have a sew in and would like to mix oil with other products as part of my regiman.

  7. i am going to try the castor oil this week. i heard trimming your hair, and applying the oil to yur roots helps alot. i also heard that using mane n'tail shampoo and conditioning your hair than putting oil on yur roots and leaving it works twise as fast for regrowth.