I Prepoo'd & Loved It

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I prepoo'd last night and it went very well! I will definately be incorporating it in my regimen. (For those of you that don't know what Prepoo is, please refer to the FAQ section). I mixed 3 tsp of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & 4 tsp of Herbal Essences Replenishing Conditioner and applied it to my dry/unwashed hair. I placed a plastic cap over it, tied my satin scarf around it and then finished with my bonnet over everything.

In the morning I washed it out, shampooed then deep conditioned with heat for 30mins. My hair came out very very soft, no broken hairs (since my protein treatment..YAY!) and my hair was very easy to manage/style. Ever since the protein treatment, I noticed that my hair is holding/retaining moisture even better! It's true when they say that protein helps to fill in the cracks/open spaces along the hair shaft thus allowing the hair to keep more moisture.

I believe the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil was a good addition to the mix since it helps to reduce protein loss in the hair and since I was using a moisturizing conditioner, it was a great balance. Prepoo'ing overnight is a great way to give your hair a moisture treatment while you sleep & it prevents your hair from being stripped by shampoos the following morning. Some opt for oils as prepoos, it all depends on you. I like the mixture of both oil & conditioner.


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  1. girl, you're just now incorporating the pre-poo? I know your hair is loving you now! ;-)

  2. Hi Sunshyne,
    Do your He replenishing conditioner contains Hawafena?
    Can you post the ingredients please?