Review: African Royale Hot Six Oil

Friday, August 08, 2008

I've finally got the chance to try this oil. I've tried it on numerous occasions, it's just okay. When I first tried it, I moisturized and then sealed with Hot Six Oil. My hair feel good at first, but I then noticed that my hair felt slightly rough to the touch like the cuticles were raised?! That is something I would never expect from an oil. After that I hated it, but then I thought I'd try it as a prepoo a couple weeks later, still wasn't impressed.

Today I used it to seal in my moisturizer and so far so good...LOL. I know, its weird! I'm going to use it up until its finished, but I don't think I will repurchase. However, it does smell good (kinda fruity) and its very light on your strands. It does have my beloved Safflower oil in it as well.

Click here for African Royale Hot Six Oil Ingredients.

Price: $4.99 CAD

Hairlicious Rating: (3/5) Okay

-----------------UPDATE 9/23/08-----------------------

I've been using Hot Six Oil exclusively for over a month now and I have to admit it's a pretty good product. It does a wonderful job of keeping the moisture in my hair for long periods of time. Its slowly becoming one of my staples. It's also a great addition to your deep conditioners since it has all kinds of good stuff already mixed in it!


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  1. I tried it once before as well. But I used it as a hot oil treatment after shampooing. Like you said it was just ok. To use the rest of it, I added it to some lotion for body moisturizer.

  2. I think I was looking for this at on time when I gained knowledge on maintenance ... But now i know its not all that.. I would prolly mix this with some conditioner or just add it to my hair before washing and apply a bag until its time to shampoo... possible it would give some kind of softness...

  3. I remember this from my high school days! My friends swore by it, but I remember it being too heavy for my hair.

  4. You know what... I think that's the problem with my hair right now. My cuticles are raised giving a rough to touch feeling... what do you suggest to combat that? I've been rinsing with cold water but I almost believe that's the culprit.

    Thanks! =)

  5. @ Laughing808 - cool idea!

    @ trecia - Same! Im going to be mixing it up with some conditioners until it is finished.

    @ Tiff - Yeah it can weigh done your hair to some degree.

    @ Ms. S - Whenever I feel my cuticles are raised, I do an ACV rinse (closes the cuticles really well therefore giving your hair shine) or I use the Porosity Control Conditioner before I DC or add 1 tsp to the DC w/ heat.

    HTH : )

  6. For some reason, blended commercial oils don't work as well for me as when I buy the oils (straight) and blend them myself. Go figure.

  7. Yeah I do the same thing! Its still just ok. I use it every now and then to seal. It does the job!

  8. What do you think of Shea Butter Oil as a sealant? If not as a sealant what would you suggest I use it for? Also, have you ever tried Natural Oasis Herbal Finesheen?